Southern bean mosaic virus

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Left: electronic rendering of particles of southern bean mosaic virus (T=3) - Right: diagrammatic representation of a T=3 structure capsid (click on image to enlarge it)
Source: ICTV Reports 2011

Southern bean mosaic virus (SBMV)

This virus is widely distributed and infects Phaseolus beans as well as other legumes like cowpeas. The symptoms include leaf mosaic, mottling, chlorosis, and deformations of leaves and pods. The number and size of the seeds are reduced and the virus can be transmitted through the seeds. Transmission by the Mexican bean beetle and other Coleoptera has been also reported (Musser et al., 2003 and Wickizer & Gergerich, 2007).

SBMV is the type species of the genus Sobemovirus. It has isometric particles with a size of approximately 30 nm, as well as a genome of around 4.1 kb (Lee & Anderson, 1998).