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Publications of Solvejg K. Mathiassen (15 listed):

Weed Science (2020) 68, 214-222
Per Kudsk and Solvejg Kopp Mathiassen (2020)
Pesticide regulation in the European Union and the glyphosate controversy

Chemoecology (2018) 28, 109-121
Antje Reiss, Inge S. Fomsgaard, Solvejg K. Mathiassen, Robyn M. Stuart and Per Kudsk (2018)
Weed suppression by winter cereals: relative contribution of competition for resources and allelopathy

Weed Science (2017) 65, 479-490
Marielle Babineau, Solvejg K. Mathiassen, Michael Kristensen, Niels Holst, Roland Beffa and Per Kudsk (2017)
Spatial distribution of acetolactate synthase resistance mechanisms in neighboring populations of silky windgrass (Apera spica-venti)

Weed Research (2015) 55, 370-379
F. de Mol, B. Gerowitt, S. Kaczmarek, K. Matysiak, M. Sønderskov and S.K. Mathiassen (2015)
Intraregional and inter-regional variability of herbicide sensitivity in common arable weed populations

Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection (2014) 121, 138-148
Andrea Schulz, Solvejg K. Mathiassen and Friederike de Mol (2014)
Approaches to early detection of herbicide resistance in Apera spica-venti regarding intra- and inter-field situations

Weed Biology and Management (2011) 11, 64-71
Seyed Ahmad Hosseini, Mohammad Hasan Rashed Mohassel, Niels Henrik Spliid, Solvejg Kopp Mathiassen and Per Kudsk (2011)
Response of wild barley (Hordeum spontaneum) and winter wheat (Triticum aestivum) to sulfosulfuron: The role of degradation

Weed Research (2011) 51, 469-477
B. Melander, S.K. Mathiassen, M. Nørremark, E.F. Kristensen, J.K. Kristensen and K. Kristensen (2011)
Physical destruction of the sprouting ability of Elytrigia repens rhizome buds

Weed Biology and Management (2010) 10, 126-131
Euro Pannacci, Solvejg Kopp Mathiassen and Per Kudsk (2010)
Effect of adjuvants on the rainfastness and performance of tribenuron-methyl on broad-leaved weeds

Weed Research (2007) 47, 252-261
S.K. Mathiassen, H.W. Ravn and P. Kudsk (2007)
Is dose-splitting of graminicides as effective as a single application?

Pest Management Science (2006) 62, 515-521
Maibritt Hjorth, Laurence Mondolot, Bruno Buatois, Claude Andary, Sylvie Rapior, Per Kudsk, Solvejg K. Mathiassen and Helle W. Ravn (2006)
An easy and rapid method using microscopy to determine herbicide effects in Poaceae weed species

Weed Research (2004) 44, 313-322
P. Kudsk and S.K. Mathiassen (2004)
Joint action of amino acid biosynthesis-inhibiting herbicides

Weed Research (1998) 38, 283-289
S.K. Mathiassen and P. Kudsk (1998)
Influence of broad-leaved weed herbicides on the activity of fenoxaprop-P-ethyl

Weed Research (1995) 35, 19-24
P. Kudsk, S.K. Mathiassen and J.C. Cotterman (1995)
Sulfonylurea resistance in Stellaria media [L.] Vill.

Weed Research (1994) 34, 251-263
P. Kudsk and S.K. Mathiassen (1994)
Effects of broadleaf herbicides on imazamethabenz-methyl performance on wild oat (Avena fatua L.)

Weed Research (1993) 33, 441-447
S.K. Mathiassen and P. Kudsk (1993)
Joint action of sulfonylurea herbicides and MCPA