Vulpia myuros (weed)

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Vulpia myuros (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Forest & Kim Starr
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Vulpia myuros (weed) (L.) K.C. Gmel. - (rat-tail fescue)

This weedy grass is native to the Mediterranean regions, but has been introduced into temperate and subtropical areas of many countries. It is fast‐growing and highly competitive, especially in winter cereals, winter oilseed rape and in grasslands, forming dense swards. While germination of its seeds is reduced if they are buried in the soil, it finds ideal germination conditions under no‐till and reduced tillage systems. It is often tolerant to selective grass weed herbicides (Büchi et al., 2021).

V. myuros has a variable stem length of 10-75 cm depending on the growing conditions. The inflorescences are 5-35 cm long. The seed are around 4 mm long and attach easily to clothing and animal fur.

Vernacular names
• Deutsch: Mäusefederschwingel
• English: rat-tail fescue
zorro fescue
• Français: vulpie queue-de-rat