Pythium oligandrum (antagonist)

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Pythium oligandrum oospores
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Pythium oligandrum (antagonist) Drechsler 1930

This oomycetes is regarded as a widespread and important mycoparasite, able to suppress plant diseases. It lives in the soil and has been shown to be active against a large variety of plant pathogens. These inculde, for example, other Pythium species, other oomycetes, or fungi from the genera Fusarium, Verticillium and Sclerotinia. It is even active against bacterial pathogens like Ralstonia solanacearum (e.g. see Masunaka et al. 2009)

In a few reports, P. oligandrum is regarded as a weak plant pathogen itself. It can also infect mushroom cultures. For pathogenic aspects of this species, see Pythium oligandrum (disease causing).