Oomycota (antagonists)

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Pythium oligandrum oospores
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Oomycota - Pythiales - Pythium (antagonists)

The group of Oomycota contains fungal-like organisms which are closer related to the algae than to the true fungi. Many are important plant pathogens, see the Oomycota (plant pathogens) for phytopathological species. A few oomycetes are recognized as beneficial antagonists that can protect crops against plant diseases. This page deals with the latter group.

Antagonistic oomycetes belong mainly to the genus Pythium (order Pythiales) and these are typically mycoparasitic species like Pythium oligandrum. Mycoparasitic Pythium species are widely distributed and parasitise plant pathogenic oomycetes, soil-borne fungi like Fusarium, Verticillium or Sclerotinia, and even some pathogenic bacteria.

The following antagonistic species of Pythium are currently entered in the system: