Pseudacteon litoralis (parasitoid)

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Pseudacteon litoralis attacking a fire ant (left) - P. litoralis emerging from head (right)
Authors: Li Chen and Sanford D. Porter
Source: Insects (2020) 11, art. 107

Pseudacteon litoralis (parasitoid) Borgmeier, 1925

This fly is native to South America, where it parasitises the red imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta, as well as the black imported fire ant, Solenopsis richteri. It has been introduced as a biological control agent into North America and has become established there (e.g. Porter et al., 2011). The larvae develop in the head of the fire ant, like in other Pseudacteon species, parasitising fire ants. Eventually, the head falls off ("decapitating fly") and the adult fly emerges.