Pseudacteon (genus - parasitoids)

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fire ant decapitated by Pseudacteon (left) - P. litoralis emerging from head (right)
Authors: Li Chen and Sanford D. Porter
Source: Insects (2020) 11, art. 107

Pseudacteon Coquillett, 1907

The genus Pseudacteon contains more than 100 species of ant parasitoids. They are wide-spread and tiny, typically 1½ mm long. Several South American species have been introduced into North America against fire ants like Solenopsis invicta. These lay their egg on the thorax of the ant. The first instar larvae migrate to the head and feed inside the head. Eventually the head falls off and the larva pupates. They are also called "ant-decapitating flies".

For a reviews of this genus see Chen & Porter (2020) and Chen & Fadamiro (2018).

Currently, the following species have been entered into the system: