Prostigmata (plant parasitic and storage mites)

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Raoiella indica (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Eric Erbe - digital colorization by Chris Pooley
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Prostigmata (plant parasitic and storage mites)

This is a large group of mites with about 20,000 species, found in many different habitats. The group includes various plant pests. The members have a number of common morphological characters like a pair of stigmata (spiracles) above the chelicerae, large pedipalps (with 3-5 segments) or the structure of the chelicerae which are rarely scissor-like.

For veterinary and medical parasites in this group see Prostigmata (parasitic mites).

The following families are currently included under Prostigmata (plant parasitic and storage mites):