Polygonum (weeds)

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Polygonum aviculare (click on image to enlarge it)
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Polygonum (weeds) L. - (knotweeds)

This genus of flowering plants contains around 200 species of herbs and shrubs. They are widely distributed and common in temperate regions. Several are invasive and considered important agricultural weeds. For example, Polygonum aviculare (prostrate knotweed) is often a problem in cereals.

The plants can grow to a height of more than 1 m and have simple, alternate and elongated leaves, often of a lanceolate or oval shape. The flowers are small, with a white, pink or greenish colour. The genus is closely related to the genera Fallopia and Reynoutria and there is often disagreement among authors to what genus a particular species of plant should be assigned.

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Currently, the following weedy species have been entered into the system: