Fallopia (weed genus)

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Fallopia scandens (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Dan Tenaglia
Source: IPM Images

Fallopia (weeds) Adans. 1763 not Lour., 1790

This genus contains around 20 species of herbaceous plants, vines and woody shrubs. They are mainly found in temperate and subtropical regions. Several species are important invasive and agricultural weeds like black bindweed Fallopia convolvulus.

The leaves are oval to triangular. The flowers are small and often whitish with 5 sepals, 2 of which are usually smaller. The fruit are egg-shaped and triangular and can have wings. The genus is closely related to the genera Polygonum and Reynoutria and there is often disagreement among authors to what genus a particular species of plant should be assigned.

Type species: Fallopia scandens

Currently, the following weedy species have been entered into the system: