Plurivorosphaerella nawae

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symptoms of infection by Plurivorosphaerella nawae on persimmon leaves: middle leaf (C) and left part of right leaf (B) (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Oliul Hassan et al.
Source: PLoS ONE (2020) 15 (3 - e0230286)

Plurivorosphaerella nawae (Hiura & Ikata) O. Hassan & T.H. Chang 2019

This fungus has been described from eastern Asia but has spread to Spain (first record in 2008). It causes "circular leaf spot of persimmon". Apart from the leaf spots the symptoms include chlorosis, premature defoliation as well as early fruit maturation and abscission. Older leaves are more seriously affected, while the spots are inconspicuous on younger leaves. Serious infections can result in total yield losses.

The fungus overwinters as sexual fruiting bodies (pseudothecia) in leaf litter. These eject their ascospores in spring which spread in the air, germinate on the leaf surface and cause the leaf symptoms after a long incubation period of several months. In autumn, pseudothecia develop on the back of the spots.

Mycosphaerella nawae

For a taxonomic analysis see Hassan & Chang (2019).