Phytoprotection (2007)

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Articles of Phytoprotection entered for 2007:

Phytoprotection (2007) 88, 9-15
W. MacDonald, R.D. Peters, R.H. Coffin and C. Lacroix (2007)
Effect of strobilurin fungicides on control of early blight (Alternaria solani) and yield of potatoes grown under two N fertility regimes
Phytoprotection 88 (1),  p. 9

Phytoprotection (2007) 88, 17-26
K. Attrassi, R. Benkirane, B. Attrassi and A. Douira (2007)
Effet de l'association de certains fongicides avec le chlorure de calcium sur le développement d'un complexe fongique responsable de la pourriture des pommes en conservation
[Effect of the association of certain fungicides with calcium chloride on the development of several fungi responsible for apple rot in conservation]
Phytoprotection 88 (1),  p. 17

Phytoprotection (2007) 88, 27-29
J. Libantová, J. Moravcíková, K. Adamcíková, M. Kobza and G. Juhásová (2007)
Modified small-scale batch procedure for isolation of dsRNA from Cryphonectria parasitica
Phytoprotection 88 (1),  p. 27

Phytoprotection (2007) 88, 41-50
H.K. Abbas, W.T. Shier and R.D. Cartwright (2007)
Effect of temperature, rainfall and planting date on aflatoxin and fumonisin contamination in commercial Bt and non-Bt corn hybrids in Arkansas
Phytoprotection 88 (2),  p. 41

Phytoprotection (2007) 88, 51-56
J.T. Kabaluk, R.S. Vernon and M.S. Goettel (2007)
Mortality and infection of wireworm, Agriotes obscurus [Coleoptera: Elateridae], with inundative field applications of Metarhizium anisopliae
Phytoprotection 88 (2),  p. 51

Phytoprotection (2007) 88, 57-60
N. Meddah, A.O. Touhami and A. Douira (2007)
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, un nouvel hôte pour le Cochliobolus spicifer et le Setosphaeria rostrata
[Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, a new host of Cochliobolus spicifer and Setosphaeria rostrata]
Phytoprotection 88 (2),  p. 57

Phytoprotection (2007) 88, 83-92
Zouhaier Abbes and Mohamed Kharrat (2007)
Characterization of resistance to crenate broomrape (Orobanche crenata) in a new small-seeded line of Tunisian faba beans
Phytoprotection 88 (3),  p. 83

Phytoprotection (2007) 88, 93-101
Kubilay Kurtulus Bastas and Salih Maden (2007)
Evaluation of host resistance inducers and conventional products for fire blight management in loquat and quince
Phytoprotection 88 (3),  p. 93

Phytoprotection (2007) 88, 103-110
Btissam Mouria, Amina Ouazzani-Touhami and Allal Douira (2007)
Effet de diverses souches du Trichoderma sur la croissance d'une culture de tomate en serre et leur aptitude à coloniser les racines et le substrat
[Effect of Trichoderma strains on the growth of tomato plants in greenhouses and their aptitude to colonize roots and substrate]
Phytoprotection 88 (3),  p. 103