Phytophthora multivora

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high mortality on Eucalyptus gomphocephala in Australia due to Phytophthora multivora (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): T. Jung
Source: Persoonia 2018, vol. 40, p. 196

Phytophthora multivora P.M. Scott & T. Jung 2009

This oomycete is has been recorded in various regions. For example, it has caused serious diseases on broad-leaved trees like eucalypts in parts of Australia. The symptoms include rotten roots, internal wood discolouration, wilting, necrosis and dieback.

On Eucalyptus gomphocephala, P. multivora is highly aggressive, resulting in the progressive loss of fine roots and in drought stress during the summer, especially in sandy soils. In such environments it can cause high mortality. In other ecosystems, e.g. in South Africa, it has been often found without causing obvious disease symptoms (Jung et al., 2018).

P. multivora is closely related to Phytophthora citricola. For the original description see Scott et al., 2009.

Phytophthora multivora (click on image to enlarge it) - oogonia: a) juvenile, b-d) mature, e) germinating; f) tubular, irregular lateral hyphae - scale bars = 25 μm
Authors: Authors: P.M. Scott, T.I. Burgess, P.A. Barber, B.L. Shearer, M.J.C. Stukely, G.E.St.J. Hardy and T. Jung
Source: Persoonia (2009) 22, p.9