Nakataea oryzae

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Nakataea oryzae (Catt. 1877) J. Luo & N. Zhang 2013

The fungus causes stem rot of rice. With high inoculum density, yield losses can reach 50% or higher.

Taxonomic note: N. oryzae has been originally described as Sclerotium oryzae (Archivio del Laboratorio Botanico Crittogamico dell´Università di Pavia. 2-3: 75, 1877) which has taxonomic priority over Leptosphaeria salvinii (Archivio del Laboratorio Botanico Crittogamico dell´Università di Pavia 2-3: 126, 1879) on which the name Magnaporthe salvinii (Catt.) R.A. Krause & R.K. Webster 1972 (and the genus Magnaporthe) has been based. The genus Nakataea (described in 1939) has again priority over the genus Magnaporthe (described in 1972).

Leptosphaeria salvinii
Magnaporthe salvinii
Nakataea sigmoidea
Sclerotium oryzae