Mycological Progress (2017)

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Articles of Mycological Progress entered for 2017:

Mycological Progress (2017) 16, 1-13
Xue-Wei Liu, Hui-Min Wang, Quan Lu, Cony Decock, Yong-Xia Li and Xing-Yao Zhang (2017)
Taxonomy and pathogenicity of Leptographium species associated with Ips subelongatus infestations of Larix spp. in northern China, including two new species
Mycological Progress 16 (1),  p. 1

Mycological Progress (2017) 16, 83-91
Sai Gong, Xiuting Zhang, Shuxia Jiang, Chen Chen, Hongbing Ma and Yang Nie (2017)
A new species of Ophiognomonia from Northern China inhabiting the lesions of chestnut leaves infected with Diaporthe eres
Mycological Progress 16 (1),  p. 83

Mycological Progress (2017) 16, 941-946
Érica Santos do Carmo de Souza, Helson Mario Martins do Vale, Rita de Cássia Pereira Carvalho, William Rosa de Oliveira Soares, Robert Neil Gerard Miller and José Carmine Dianese (2017)
Infection by Uromyces euphorbiae: a trigger for the sporulation of endophytic Colletotrichum truncatum on the common host Euphorbia hirta
Mycological Progress 16 (10),  p. 941

Mycological Progress (2017) 16, 955-963
Derek W. Barchenger, Kurt H. Lamour, Zong-Ming Sheu, Sandesh Shrestha, Sanjeet Kumar, Shih-Wen Lin, Rishi Burlakoti and Paul W. Bosland (2017)
Intra- and intergenomic variation of ploidy and clonality characterize Phytophthora capsici on Capsicum sp. in Taiwan
Mycological Progress 16 (10),  p. 955

Mycological Progress (2017) 16, 987-998
Oumi Nishi, Susumu Shimizu and Hiroki Sato (2017)
Metarhizium bibionidarum and M. purpureogenum: new species from Japan
Mycological Progress 16 (10),  p. 987

Mycological Progress (2017) 16, 999-1006
Arturo Castro-Rocha, Jonathan P. Hulvey, Robert Wick, Sandesh K. Shrestha and Kurt Lamour (2017)
Genetic diversity of Phytophthora capsici recovered from Massachusetts between 1997 and 2014
Mycological Progress 16 (10),  p. 999

Mycological Progress (2017) 16, 1073-1085
Ludwig Beenken, Matthias Lutz and Markus Scholler (2017)
DNA barcoding and phylogenetic analyses of the genus Coleosporium (Pucciniales) reveal that the North American goldenrod rust C. solidaginis is a neomycete on introduced and native Solidago species in Europe
Mycological Progress 16 (11),  p. 1073

Mycological Progress (2017) 16, 135-143
L. Beenken (2017)
First records of the powdery mildews Erysiphe platani and E. alphitoides on Ailanthus altissima reveal host jumps independent of host phylogeny
Mycological Progress 16 (2),  p. 135

Mycological Progress (2017) 16, 185-190
Young-Joon Choi, Joan Wong, Fabian Runge, Bagdevi Mishra, Richard Michelmore and Marco Thines (2017)
BrRxLR11 – a new phylogenetic marker with high resolution in the downy mildew genus Bremia and related genera
Mycological Progress 16 (2),  p. 185

Mycological Progress (2017) 16, 213-221
Julia Kruse, Young-Joon Choi and Marco Thines (2017)
New smut-specific primers for the ITS barcoding of Ustilaginomycotina
Mycological Progress 16 (3),  p. 213

Mycological Progress (2017) 16, 257-267
Duy Phu Le, Mike K. Smith and Elizabeth A.B. Aitken (2017)
Species delimitation in Pythium species complexes: the case of Pythium myriotylum Drechsler and Pythium zingiberis Takahashi
Mycological Progress 16 (3),  p. 257

Mycological Progress (2017) 16, 369-391
J. Jennifer Luangsa-Ard, Suchada Mongkolsamrit, Donnaya Thanakitpipattana, Artit Khonsanit, Kanoksri Tasanathai, Wasana Noisripoom and Richard A. Humber (2017)
Clavicipitaceous entomopathogens: new species in Metarhizium and a new genus Nigelia
Mycological Progress 16 (4),  p. 369

Mycological Progress (2017) 16, 477-494
Clara Chepkirui and Marc Stadler (2017)
The genus Diaporthe: a rich source of diverse and bioactive metabolites
Mycological Progress 16 (5),  p. 477

Mycological Progress (2017) 16, 513-519
Fredrik Carlsson, Mattias Edman and Bengt Gunnar Jonsson (2017)
Increased CO2 evolution caused by heat treatment in wood-decaying fungi
Mycological Progress 16 (5),  p. 513

Mycological Progress (2017) 16, 577-591
Ulises Conejo-Saucedo, Horacio Cano-Camacho, Maria G. Villa-Rivera, Alicia Lara-Márquez, Everardo López-Romero and María G. Zavala-Páramo (2017)
Protein homology modeling, docking, and phylogenetic analyses of an endo-1,4-ß-xylanase GH11 of Colletotrichum lindemuthianum
Mycological Progress 16 (6),  p. 577

Mycological Progress (2017) 16, 593-603
Eduardo A. Guillin, Luiz Orlando de Oliveira, Pablo E. Grijalba and Alexandra M. Gottlieb (2017)
Genetic entanglement between Cercospora species associating soybean purple seed stain
Mycological Progress 16 (6),  p. 593

Mycological Progress (2017) 16, 677-686
Sawita Suwannarat, Siegrid Steinkellner, Pattavipha Songkumarn and Somsiri Sangchote (2017)
Diversity of Colletotrichum spp. isolated from chili pepper fruit exhibiting symptoms of anthracnose in Thailand
Mycological Progress 16 (7),  p. 677

Mycological Progress (2017) 16, 893-904
Sandesh Kumar Shrestha, Susan C. Miyasaka, Michael Shintaku, Heather Kelly and Kurt Lamour (2017)
Phytophthora colocasiae from Vietnam, China, Hawaii and Nepal: intra- and inter-genomic variations in ploidy and a long-lived, diploid Hawaiian lineage
Mycological Progress 16 (9),  p. 893