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Publications of Marco Beyer (24 listed):

Journal of Applied Entomology (2022) 146, 396-407
Doriane Dam, Daniel Molitor, Mareike Schultz and Marco Beyer (2022)
Drosophila suzukii population dynamics and control efficiency of mineral dusts with a focus on grape protection

Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection (2020) 127, 811-819
Doriane Dam, Marine Pallez-Barthel, Moussa El Jarroudi, Michael Eickermann and Marco Beyer (2020)
The debate on a loss of biodiversity: can we derive evidence from the monitoring of major plant pests and diseases in major crops?

Agronomy for Sustainable Development (2019) 39 (53) - Natural compounds for
Doriane Dam, Daniel Molitor and Marco Beyer (2019)
Natural compounds for controlling Drosophila suzukii. A review

Journal of Plant Pathology (2019) 101, 539-546
Rufat Aslanov, Moussa El Jarroudi, Mélanie Gollier, Marine Pallez-Barthel and Marco Beyer (2019)
Yellow rust does not like cold winters. But how to find out which temperature and time frames could be decisive in vivo?

Plant Disease (2018) 102, 991-1000
Franziska M. Porsche, Daniel Molitor, Marco Beyer, Sophie Charton, Christelle André and Andreas Kollar (2018)
Antifungal activity of saponins from the fruit pericarp of Sapindus mukorossi against Venturia inaequalis and Botrytis cinerea

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2016) 144, 785-798
Daniel Molitor, Barbara Augenstein, Laura Mugnai, Pietro Antonello Rinaldi, Jorge Sofia, Bryan Hed, PierreHenri Dubuis, Mauro Jermini, Erhard Kührer, Gottfried Bleyer, Lucien Hoffmann and Marco Beyer (2016)
Composition and evaluation of a novel web-based decision support system for grape black rot control

Plant Pathology (2015) 64, 972-979
V. Balmas, B. Scherm, A. Marcello, M. Beyer, L. Hoffmann, Q. Migheli and M. Pasquali (2015)
Fusarium species and chemotypes associated with Fusarium head blight and Fusarium root rot on wheat in Sardinia

Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2015) 17, 71-76
Michael Eickermann, Jürgen Junk, Lucien Hoffmann and Marco Beyer (2015)
Forecasting the breaching of the control threshold for Ceutorhynchus pallidactylus in oilseed rape

European Journal of Entomology (2014) 111, 243-250
Michael Eickermann, Marco Beyer, Klaus Goergen, Lucien Hoffmann and Jürgen Junk (2014)
Shifted migration of the rape stem weevil Ceutorhynchus napi (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) linked to climate change

Annals of Applied Biology (2014) 165, 305-317
D. Molitor and M. Beyer (2014)
Epidemiology, identification and disease management of grape black rot and potentially useful metabolites of black rot pathogens for industrial applications – a review

PLoS ONE (2013) 8 (2 - e57429)
Matias Pasquali, Francesca Spanu, Barbara Scherm, Virgilio Balmas, Lucien Hoffmann, Kim E. Hammond-Kosack, Marco Beyer and Quirico Migheli (2013)
FcStuA from Fusarium culmorum controls wheat foot and root rot in a toxin dispensable manner

Journal of Agricultural Science (2012) 150, 191-202
J. Junk, M. Eickermann, K. Görgen, M. Beyer and L. Hoffmann (2012)
Ensemble-based analysis of regional climate change effects on the cabbage stem weevil (Ceutorhynchus pallidactylus (Mrsh.)) in winter oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.)

Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection (2012) 119, 8-14
Tiphaine Dubos, Friederike Pogoda, Franz K. Ronellenfitsch, Jürgen Junk, Lucien Hoffmann and Marco Beyer (2012)
Fractal dimension and shape parameters of asexual Fusarium spores from selected species: Which species can be distinguished?

Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection (2011) 118, 134-140
Michael Eickermann, Philippe Delfosse, Lucien Hoffmann and Marco Beyer (2011)
A note on the insecticide sensitivity status of Meligethes species (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae) in Luxembourg

Journal of Phytopathology (2011) 159, 700-704
Matias Pasquali, Marco Beyer, Torsten Bohn and Lucien Hoffmann (2011)
Comparative analysis of genetic chemotyping methods for Fusarium: Tri13 polymorphism does not discriminate between 3- and 15-acetylated deoxynivalenol chemotypes in Fusarium graminearum

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2011) 130, 239-248
Tiphaine Dubos, Matias Pasquali, Friederike Pogoda, Lucien Hoffmann and Marco Beyer (2011)
Evidence for natural resistance towards trifloxystrobin in Fusarium graminearum

Journal of Plant Pathology (2011) 93, S7-S13
M. Beyer, F. Kiesner, J.-A. Verreet and H. Klink (2011)
Fungicide sensitivity of Septoria tritici field isolates is affected by an interaction between fungicidal mode of action and time

Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection (2009) 116, 118-123
N. Scheider, J.-R. Guo, J.-A. Verreet and M. Beyer (2009)
Assessing the intensity of Fusarium -damage in wheat: A comparison of selected disease parameters during disease development and the role of fungicides

Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology (2008) 30, 46-57
Melanie Birgit Klix, Marco Beyer and Joseph-Alexander Verreet (2008)
Effects of cultivar, agronomic practices, geographic location, and meteorological conditions on the composition of selected Fusarium species on wheat heads

Plant Disease (2007) 91, 1445-1449
Matthias Henze, Marco Beyer, Holger Klink and Joseph-Alexander Verreet (2007)
Characterizing meteorological scenarios favorable for Septoria tritici infections in wheat and estimation of latent periods

Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection (2006) 113, 241-246
M. Beyer, M.B. Klix, H. Klink and J.-A. Verreet (2006)
Quantifying the effects of previous crop, tillage, cultivar and triazole fungicides on the deoxynivalenol content of wheat grain - a review

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2005) 111, 381-389
Marco Beyer and Joseph-Alexander Verreet (2005)
Germination of Gibberella zeae ascospores as affected by age of spores after discharge and environmental factors

Journal of Phytopathology (2005) 153, 674-679
J.-R. Guo, F. Schnieder, M. Beyer and J.-A. Verreet (2005)
Rapid detection of Mycosphaerella graminicola in wheat using reverse transcription-PCR assay

Journal of Phytopathology (2004) 152, 92-97
M. Beyer, S. Röding, A. Ludewig and J.-A. Verreet (2004)
Germination and survival of Fusarium graminearum macroconidia as affected by environmental factors