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Publications of Keng-Hong Tan (27 listed):

Chemoecology (2020) 30, 305-314
S.L. Wee, J.E. Royer, J. Herring, D.G. Mayer and K.H. Tan (2020)
Relative response of male Bactrocera frauenfeldi (Diptera: Tephritidae) to phenylbutanoid phytochemicals: implications for fruit fly control and plant–insect interactions

Environmental Entomology (2020) 49, 815-822
Jane E. Royer, Keng Hong Tan and David G. Mayer (2020)
Comparative trap catches of male Bactrocera, Dacus, and Zeugodacus fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae) with four floral phenylbutanoid lures (anisyl acetone, cue-lure, raspberry ketone, and zingerone) in Queensland, Australia

Bulletin of Entomological Research (2020) 110, 15-21
K.-H. Tan (2020)
Recaptures of feral Bactrocera dorsalis and B. umbrosa (Diptera: Tephritidae) males after feeding on methyl eugenol

Applied Entomology and Zoology (2020) 55, 55-64
Tomoko Katte, Keng Hong Tan, Zhi-Hui Su, Hajime Ono and Ritsuo Nishida (2020)
Floral fragrances in two closely related fruit fly orchids, Bulbophyllum hortorum and B. macranthoides (Orchidaceae): assortments of phenylbutanoids to attract tephritid fruit fly males

Chemoecology (2019) 29, 25-34
Wei-Wei Hiap, Suk-Ling Wee, Keng-Hong Tan and Alvin Kah-Wie Hee (2019)
Phenylpropanoid sex pheromone component in hemolymph of male Carambola fruit fly, Bactrocera carambolae (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Journal of Pest Science (2018) 91, 691-698
Suk Ling Wee, Suksom Chinvinijkul, Keng Hong Tan and Ritsuo Nishida (2018)
A new and highly effective male lure for the guava fruit fly Bactrocera correcta

Systematic Entomology (2015) 40, 456-471
Mark K. Schutze, Nidchaya Aketarawong, Weerawan Amornsak, Karen F. Armstrong, Antonis A. Augustinos, Norman Barr, Wang Bo, Kostas Bourtzis, Laura M. Boykin, Carlos Cáceres, Stephen L. Cameron, Toni A. Chapman, Suksom Chinvinijkul, Anastasija Chomic, Marc De Meyer, Ellena Drosopoulou, Anna Englezou, Sunday Ekesi, Angeliki Gariou-Papalexiou, Scott M. Geib, Deborah Hailstones, Mohammed Hasanuzzaman, David Haymer, Alvin K.W. Hee, Jorge Hendrichs, Andrew Jessup, Qinge Ji, Fathiya M. Khamis, Matthew N. Krosch, Luc Leblanc, Khalid Mahmood, Anna R. Malacrida, Pinelopi Mavragani-Tsipidou, Maulid Mwatawala, Ritsuo Nishida, Hajime Ono, Jesus Reyes, Daniel Rubinoff, Michael San Jose, Todd E. Shelly, Sunyanee Srikachar, Keng H. Tan, Sujinda Thanaphum, Ihsan Haq, Shanmugam Vijaysegaran, Suk L. Wee, Farzana Yesmin, Antigone Zacharopoulou and Anthony R. Clarke (2015)
Synonymization of key pest species within the Bactrocera dorsalis species complex (Diptera: Tephritidae): taxonomic changes based on a review of 20 years of integrative morphological, molecular, cytogenetic, behavioural and chemoecological data

Applied Entomology and Zoology (2013) 48, 275-282
Keng Hong Tan, Suk-Ling Wee, Hajime Ono and Ritsuo Nishida (2013)
Comparison of methyl eugenol metabolites, mitochondrial COI, and rDNA sequences of Bactrocera philippinensis (Diptera: Tephritidae) with those of three other major pest species within the dorsalis complex

Journal of Insect Science (2012) 12 (56), 1-74
K.H. Tan and R. Nishida (2012)
Methyl eugenol: Its occurrence, distribution, and role in nature, especially in relation to insect behavior and pollination

Chemoecology (2011) 21, 25-33
Keng Hong Tan, Isao Tokushima, Hajime Ono and Ritsuo Nishida (2011)
Comparison of phenylpropanoid volatiles in male rectal pheromone gland after methyl eugenol consumption, and molecular phylogenetic relationship of four global pest fruit fly species: Bactrocera invadens, B. dorsalis, B. correcta and B. zonata

Journal of Chemical Ecology (2010) 36, 1327-1334
Isao Tokushima, Watchreeporn Orankanok, Keng Hong Tan, Hajime Ono and Ritsuo Nishida (2010)
Accumulation of phenylpropanoid and sesquiterpenoid volatiles in male rectal pheromonal glands of the guava fruit fly, Bactrocera correcta

Journal of Chemical Ecology (2007) 33, 1272-1282
Suk-Ling Wee, Keng-Hong Tan and Ritsuo Nishida (2007)
Pharmacophagy of methyl eugenol by males enhances sexual selection of Bactrocera carambolae

Chemoecology (2007) 17, 81-85
Suk-Ling Wee and Keng-Hong Tan (2007)
Temporal accumulation of phenylpropanoids in male fruit flies, Bactrocera dorsalis and B. carambolae (Diptera: Tephritidae) following methyl eugenol consumption

Journal of Chemical Ecology (2006) 32, 2429-2441
Keng Hong Tan, Lin Tze Tan and Ritsuo Nishida (2006)
Floral phenylpropanoid cocktail and architecture of Bulbophyllum vinaceum orchid in attracting fruit flies for pollination

Bulletin of Entomological Research (2005) 95, 615-620
A.K.W. Hee and K.H. Tan (2005)
Bioactive fractions containing methyl eugenol-derived sex pheromonal components in haemolymph of the male fruit fly Bactrocera dorsalis (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Chemoecology (2005) 15, 199-203
Suk-Ling Wee and Keng-Hong Tan (2005)
Male endogenous pheromonal component of Bactrocera carambolae (Diptera: Tephritidae) deterred gecko predation

Applied Entomology and Zoology (2005) 40, 365-372
Suk-Ling Wee and Keng-Hong Tan (2005)
Female sexual response to male rectal volatile constituents in the fruit fly, Bactrocera carambolae (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Journal of Chemical Ecology (2005) 31, 845-858
Suk-Ling Wee and Keng-Hong Tan (2005)
Evidence of natural hybridization between two sympatric sibling species of Bactrocera dorsalis complex based on pheromone analysis

Journal of Chemical Ecology (2004) 30, 2127-2138
Alvin Kah-Wei Hee and Keng-Hong Tan (2004)
Male sex pheromonal components derived from methyl eugenol in the hemolymph of the fruit fly Bactrocera papayae

Chemoecology (2002) 12, 193-197
Suk-Ling Wee, Alwin Kah-Wei Hee and Keng-Hong Tan (2002)
Comparative sensitivity to and consumption of methyl eugenol in three Bactrocera dorsalis (Diptera: Tephritidae) complex sibling species

Journal of Chemical Ecology (2002) 28, 1161-1172
Keng-Hong Tan, Ritsuo Nishida and Yock-Chai Toong (2002)
Floral synomone of a wild orchid, Bulbophyllum cheiri, lures Bactrocera fruit flies for pollination

Journal of Chemical Ecology (2001) 27, 953-964
Suk-Ling Wee and Keng-Hong Tan (2001)
Allomonal and hepatotoxic effects following methyl eugenol consumption in Bactrocera papayae male against Gekko monarchus

Journal of Chemical Ecology (2000) 26, 2487-2496
Cynthia Chiew-Hong Khoo, Kah-Hay Yuen and Keng-Hong Tan (2000)
Attraction of female Bactrocera papayae to sex pheromone components with two different release devices

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata (2000) 94, 133-139
Suk-Ling Wee and Keng-Hong Tan (2000)
Sexual maturity and intraspecific mating success of two sibling species of the Bractocera dorsalis complex

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata (2000) 97, 317-320
Cynthia Chiew-Hong Khoo and Keng-Hong Tan (2000)
Attraction of both sexes of melon fly, Bactrocera cucurbitae to conspecific males - a comparison after pharmacophagy of cue-lure and a new attractant - zingerone

Journal of Chemical Ecology (1998) 24, 753-764
Alvin Kah-Wei Hee and Keng-Hong Tan (1998)
Attraction of female and male Bactrocera papayae to conspecific males fed with methyl eugenol and attraction of females to male sex pheromone components

Environmental Entomology (1994) 23, 267-275
Keng-Hong Tan and Muney Serit (1994)
Adult population dynamics of Bactrocera dorsalis (Diptera: Tephritidae) in relation to host phenology and weather in two villages of Penang Island, Malaysia