Bactrocera zonata

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Bactrocera zonata (click on image to enlarge it)
Author: Viwat Wornoayporn/IAEA
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Bactrocera zonata (Saunders, 1842) - (peach fruit fly)

The fruit fly is found in many areas of tropical and sub-tropical Asia and in parts of Africa. It infests various types of fruits, like guava, peach and mango. Fruit damage of up to 50% have been reported from some areas. The larval development inside the fruit takes 1-3 weeks. The mature larvae drop to the ground for pupation.

The adult is about 7 mm long. The forewings are characterized by few markings. A costal band is absent with only a small apical spot present. The scutellum is pale without any dark marks, but with a dark border to the brownish scutum. Males are attracted by methyl eugenol which is used for monitoring possible infestations.

Vernacular names
• Deutsch: Pfirsichfruchtfliege
• English: peach fruit fly
• Español: mosca del durazno
• Français: mouche des pêches

Bactrocera mangiferae
Dacus zonatus