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Publications of Josée Doyon (8 listed):

Ecological Entomology (2018) 43, 310-317
Jean-François Duval, Jacques Brodeur, Josée Doyon and Guy Boivin (2018)
Impact of superparasitism time intervals on progeny survival and fitness of an egg parasitoid

Oikos (2016) 125, 1314-1323
Fanny Maure, Frédéric Thomas, Josée Doyon and Jacques Brodeur (2016)
Host nutritional status mediates degree of parasitoid virulence

The Canadian Entomologist (2015) 147, 222-226
P.K. Abram, J. Doyon, J. Brodeur, T.D. Gariépy and G. Boivin (2015)
Susceptibility of Halyomorpha halys (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) eggs to different life stages of three generalist predators

Environmental Entomology (2013) 42, 89-96
Annabelle Firlej, Josée Doyon, James D. Harwood and Jacques Brodeur (2013)
A multi-approach study to delineate interactions between Carabid beetles and soybean aphids

Ecological Entomology (2010) 35, 698-703
Véronique Martel, Josée Doyon and Guy Boivin (2010)
Partial local mate competition in the wasp Trichogramma euproctidis: the role of emergence sex ratio on female mating behaviour

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata (2007) 123, 247-252
Marc Rhainds, Josée Doyon, Jean Rivoal and Jacques Brodeur (2007)
Thrips-induced damage of chrysanthemum inflorescences: evidence for enhanced leakage of carotenoid pigments

BioControl (2006) 51, 703-713
Josée Doyon and Guy Boivin (2006)
Impact of the timing of male emergence on mating capacity of males in Trichogramma evanescens Westwood

Journal of Insect Science (2005) 5 (4), 1-5
J. Doyon and J. Boivin (2005)
The effect of development time on the fitness of female Trichogramma evanescens