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Publications of José Manuel Blanco-Moreno (9 listed):

Agronomy for Sustainable Development (2019) 39 (55) - Agroecological service crops
David Navarro-Miró, José M. Blanco-Moreno, Corrado Ciaccia, Lourdes Chamorro, Elena Testani, Hanne-Lakkenborg Kristensen, Margita Hefner, Kalvi Tamm, Ingrid Bender, Manfred Jakop, Martina Bavec, Hélène Védie, Liga Lepse, Stefano Canali and F. Xavier Sans (2019)
Agroecological service crops managed with roller crimper reduce weed density and weed species richness in organic vegetable systems across Europe

Weed Research (2016) 56, 14-21
J. Torra, V. Atanackovic, J.M. Blanco-Moreno, A. Royo-Esnal and P.R. Westerman (2016)
Effect of patch size on seed removal by harvester ants

Journal of Applied Ecology (2015) 52, 240-249
Lucía González-Díaz, José Manuel Blanco-Moreno and José Luis González-Andújar (2015)
Spatially explicit bioeconomic model for weed management in cereals: validation and evaluation of management strategies

Oecologia (2013) 173, 1397-1409
Eva Castells, Maria Morante, José M. Blanco-Moreno, F. Xavier Sans, Roser Vilatersana and Anabel Blasco-Moreno (2013)
Reduced seed predation after invasion supports enemy release in a broad biogeographical survey

Weed Science (2009) 57, 505-511
J. Izquierdo, J.M. Blanco-Moreno, L. Chamorro, J. Recasens and F.X. Sans (2009)
Spatial distribution and temporal stability of prostrate knotweed (Polygonum aviculare) and corn poppy (Papaver rhoeas) seed bank in a cereal field

Agronomy for Sustainable Development (2009) 29, 491-496
J. Izquierdo, J.M. Blanco-Moreno, L. Chamorro, J.L. González-Andújar and F.X. Sans (2009)
Spatial distribution of weed diversity within a cereal field

Australian Journal of Botany (2008) 56, 539-549
Lidia Caño, Josep Escarré, José M. Blanco-Moreno and F. Xavier Sans (2008)
Assessing the effect of inbreeding and long-distance gene flow on the invasive potential of Senecio pterophorus (Asteraceae)

Weed Research (2006) 46, 207-218
J.M. Blanco-Moreno, L. Chamorro and F.X. Sans (2006)
Spatial and temporal patterns of Lolium rigidum-Avena sterilis mixed populations in a cereal field

Weed Research (2004) 44, 375-387
J.M. Blanco-Moreno, L. Chamorro, R.M. Masalles, J. Recasens and F.X. Sans (2004)
Spatial distribution of Lolium rigidum seedlings following seed dispersal by combine harvesters