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Publications of Jean-Pierre Rossi (10 listed):

Biological Invasions (2020) 22, 523-534
M. Godefroid, N. Meurisse, F. Groenen, C. Kerdelhué and J.-P. Rossi (2020)
Current and future distribution of the invasive oak processionary moth

Ecography (2016) 39, 1197-1209
Martin Godefroid, Jean-Yves Rasplus and Jean-Pierre Rossi (2016)
Is phylogeography helpful for invasive species risk assessment? The case study of the bark beetle genus Dendroctonus

Journal of Pest Science (2015) 88, 665-673
Tim Haye, Tara Gariepy, Kim Hoelmer, Jean-Pierre Rossi, Jean-Claude Streito, Xavier Tassus and Nicolas Desneux (2015)
Range expansion of the invasive brown marmorated stinkbug, Halyomorpha halys: an increasing threat to field, fruit and vegetable crops worldwide

Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz (2013) 108, 399-407
Aurélien Mercier, Madougou Garba, Henri Bonnabau, Mamadou Kane, Jean-Pierre Rossi, Marie-Laure Dardé and Gauthier Dobigny (2013)
Toxoplasmosis seroprevalence in urban rodents: a survey in Niamey, Niger

Ecology Letters (2012) 15, 1266-1275
Olivier Rey, Arnaud Estoup, Merav Vonshak, Anne Loiseau, Simon Blanchet, Luis Calcaterra, Lucila Chifflet, Jean-Pierre Rossi, Gaël J. Kergoat, Julien Foucaud, Jérôme Orivel, Maurice Leponce, Ted Schultz and Benoit Facon (2012)
Where do adaptive shifts occur during invasion? A multidisciplinary approach to unravelling cold adaptation in a tropical ant species invading the Mediterranean area

Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2012) 14, 358-366
Agnès Horn, Carole Kerdelhué, François Lieutier and Jean-Pierre Rossi (2012)
Predicting the distribution of the two bark beetles Tomicus destruens and Tomicus piniperda in Europe and the Mediterranean region

Journal of Applied Entomology (2011) 135, 184-194
A.-M. Dulaurent, J.-P. Rossi, C. Deborde, A. Moing, P. Menassieu and H. Jactel (2011)
Honeydew feeding increased the longevity of two egg parasitoids of the pine processionary moth

Population Ecology (2011) 53, 287-296
Jean-Charles Samalens and Jean-Pierre Rossi (2011)
Does landscape composition alter the spatiotemporal distribution of the pine processionary moth in a pine plantation forest?

Molecular Ecology (2008) 17, 4597-4607
C. Dutech, J.-P. Rossi, O. Fabreguettes and C. Robin (2008)
Geostatistical genetic analysis for inferring the dispersal pattern of a partially clonal species: example of the chestnut blight fungus

Ecography (1998) 21, 117-123
Jean-Pierre Rossi and Patrick Quénéhervé (1998)
Relating species density to environmental variables in presence of spatial autocorrelation: a study case on soil nematodes distribution