Hippodamia convergens (predator)

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convergent lady beetle (Hippodamia convergens) in Guatemala (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): David Cappaert, Michigan State University, U.S.A.
Source: IPM Images

Hippodamia convergens (predator) Guerin-Ménéville, 1842 - (convergent ladybeetle)

The ladybeetle is a predator of aphids and Lepidoptera eggs in North America. The 'converging' ladybird beetles can be field-collected in large numbers in North America when they aggregate. They are then used as biocontrol agents against aphids. H. convergens is particularly important as a natural enemy of cereal aphids like Schizaphis graminum and Sitobion avenae. However, it also feeds on many other aphid species. When aphids are rare the beetle goes into a reproductive diapause. It can also feeds and survive on pollen and nectar.

Vernacular names
• English: convergent ladybeetle
• Français: coccinelle convergente

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