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Publications of Eduardo C. Andrade (10 listed):

Neotropical Entomology (2019) 48, 503-514
F.F. Laranjeira, T.T.C. Santos, A.S. Moreira, I. Sanches, A.S. Nascimento, S.X.B. Silva, E.C. Andrade and D.O. Almeida (2019)
Association between citrus flushing cycles and Asian citrus psyllid demography in huanglongbing-free area in Brazil

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata (2017) 162, 389-396
Eduardo C. Andrade and Wayne B. Hunter (2017)
RNAi feeding bioassay: development of a non-transgenic approach to control Asian citrus psyllid and other hemipterans

Plant Disease (2014) 98, p. 153 (Oliveira et al.)
S.A.S. Oliveira, E.F.M. Abreu, T.S. Araújo, E.J. Oliveira, E.C. Andrade, J.M.P. Garcia and E. Álvarez (2014)
First report of a 16SrIII-L phytoplasma associated with frogskin disease in cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) in Brazil

Tropical Plant Pathology (2012) 37, 37-43
Cleidiane B. Daltro, Álvaro J. Pereira, Renan S. Cascardo, Poliane Alfenas-Zerbini, José Evando A. Bezerra-Junior, José Albérsio A. Lima, Francisco Murilo Zerbini and Eduardo C. Andrade (2012)
Genetic variability of Papaya lethal yellowing virus isolates from Ceará and Rio Grande do Norte States, Brazil

Archives of Virology (2012) 157, 2009-2011
Álvaro J. Pereira, Poliane Alfenas-Zerbini, Renan S. Cascardo, Eduardo C. Andrade and F. Murilo Zerbini (2012)
Analysis of the full-length genome sequence of Papaya lethal yellowing virus (PLYV), determined by deep sequencing, confirms its classification in the genus Sobemovirus

Tropical Plant Pathology (2011) 36, 121-124
José Evando A. Beserra Jr., Eduardo C. Andrade, Rosa F.R. Araújo Camarço, Aline K.Q. Nascimento and José Albérsio A. Lima (2011)
Sequence variability in the coat protein gene of Cowpea severe mosaic virus isolates from northeastern Brazil

Plant Pathology (2006) 55, 513-522
J.J. Fernandes, M.G. Carvalho, E.C. Andrade, S.H. Brommonschenkel, E.P.B. Fontes and F.M. Zerbini (2006)
Biological and molecular properties of Tomato rugose mosaic virus (ToRMV), a new tomato-infecting begomovirus from Brazil

Journal of General Virology (2006) 87, 3687-3696
E.C. Andrade, G.G. Manhani, P.F. Alfenas, R.F. Calegario, E.P.B. Fontes and F.M. Zerbini (2006)
Tomato yellow spot virus, a tomato-infecting begomovirus from Brazil with a closer relationship to viruses from Sida sp., forms pseudorecombinants with begomoviruses from tomato but not from Sida

Australasian Plant Pathology (2005) 34, 475-480
F.M. Zerbini, E.C. Andrade, D.R. Barros, S.S. Ferreira, A.T.M. Lima, P.F. Alfenas and R.N. Mello (2005)
Traditional and novel strategies for geminivirus management in Brazil

Journal of General Virology (2003) 84, 715-726
Rafaelo M. Galvão, Andrea C. Mariano, Dirce F. Luz, Poliane F. Alfenas, Eduardo C. Andrade, Francisco M. Zerbini, Márcia R. Almeida and Elizabeth P.B. Fontes (2003)
A naturally occurring recombinant DNA-A of a typical bipartite begomovirus does not require the cognate DNA-B to infect Nicotiana benthamiana systemically