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Dryocoetes confusus (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Javier Mercado, Colorado state University
Source: IPM Images

Dryocoetes Eichhoff, 1864

This genus of bark beetles is widely distributed and includes around 40 species. Several species like Dryocoetes confusus or D. autographus are considered to be pests, although mainly weak and dying trees are attacked. However, D. confusus attacks healthy firs and this often leads to death of the infested trees, with high beetle densities resulting in hundreds of trees being killed in an area. Conifers are common hosts and among the pest species, only D. betulae infests broad-leaved trees

The galleries formed in the wood are usually irregular without a clear pattern. Sometimes they are described as star-shaped. The adults have special structures for carrying symbiotic fungi like blue-stain fungi which can contribute to tree mortality. For example, several species of fungi from the genus Grosmannia have been found associated with Dryocoetes. The adult beetles are around 2-4 mm long, About 2½ x longer than wide and have a brown to dark brown colour.

Type species: Dryocoetes autographus

Currently, the following species have been entered into the system: