Cronartium flaccidum

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Cronartium flaccidum fruiting bodies (aecia) on pine branch (click on image to enlarge it)
Author: Ondrej Zicha
Source: BioLib

Cronartium flaccidum (Alb. & Schwein.) G. Winter 1880 - (Scots pine blister rust)

The fungus causes bark blister rust on two-needled-pines, especially Pinus sylvestris, and is common in northern Europe where it can cause epidemics. It reduced pine growth and the timber value of the trees. The synonym Peridermium pini has been called the 'resin top fungus'.

The sexual stage can develop on a variety of plants, for example on the hemiparasite Melampyrum sylvaticum. On these alternate hosts telia and basidiospores are formed. The latter then infect pines again.

see Aime et al. (2018)
Cronartium pini
Endocronartium pini
Peridermium pini