Corinectria fuckeliana

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Corinectria fuckeliana (= Neonectria fuckeliana) - A, B) perithecia, C) asci, D) ascospores (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Rodrigo Morales R.
Source: Bosque (Valdivia) (2009), vol. 30, p. 108

Corinectria fuckeliana (C. Booth) C. González & P. Chaverri 2017 - (Nectria flute canker)

This fungus is found in Europe and several other regions and causes canker on Pinaceae, mainly pine and spruce trees. It enters the trunk through wounds. The species is of concern to quarantine in areas where it is absent like Australia. The perithecia are red and the ascospores appear to be mainly involved in the spread of the fungus.

Cylindrocarpon cylindroides var. tenue
Neonectria fuckeliana