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Publications of Cesare Accinelli (6 listed):

Journal of Economic Entomology (2019) 112, 549-557
Maribel Portilla, Hamed K. Abbas, Cesare Accinelli and Randall Luttrell (2019)
Laboratory and field investigations on compatibility of Beauveria bassiana (Hypocreales: Clavicipitaceae) spores with a sprayable bioplastic formulation for application in the biocontrol of tarnished plant bug in cotton

Pest Management Science (2016) 72, 1521-1528
Cesare Accinelli, Hamed K. Abbas, Alberto Vicari and W. Thomas Shier (2016)
Leaf application of a sprayable bioplastic-based formulation of biocontrol Aspergillus flavus strains for reduction of aflatoxins in corn

Pest Management Science (2013) 69, 1085-1091
Mariangela Mencarelli, Cesare Accinelli and Alberto Vicari (2013)
Implications of European corn borer, Ostrinia nubilalis, infestation in an Aspergillus flavus-biocontrolled corn agroecosystem

Agronomy for Sustainable Development (2008) 28, 473-480
Cesare Accinelli, Maria Ludovica Saccá, Gianumberto Accinelli and Stefano Maini (2008)
Occurrence of Bacillus thuringiensis harboring insecticidal cry1 genes in a corn field in Northern Italy

Canadian Journal of Microbiology - Revue Canadienne de Microbiologie (2008) 54, 371-379
Cesare Accinelli, H.K. Abbas, R.M. Zablotowicz and J.R. Wilkinson (2008)
Aspergillus flavus aflatoxin occurrence and expression of aflatoxin biosynthesis genes in soil

Agronomy for Sustainable Development (2007) 27, 231-236
E. Marchetti, C. Accinelli, V. Talamè and R. Epifani (2007)
Persistence of Cry toxins and cry genes from genetically modified plants in two agricultural soils