Capnodiales (antagonists)

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canola plants inoculated with the clubroot pathogen Plasmodiophora brassicae, on the right side the plants were treated with the antagonist Heteroconium chaetospira
Author(s): Rachid Lahlali, Linda McGregor, Tao Song, Bruce D. Gossen, Kazuhiko Narisawa and Gary Peng
Source: PLoS ONE 2014, 9(4), art. e94144

Capnodiales (antagonists)

This order of fungi contains mainly saprophytic and plant pathogenic species. However, some forms and strains also have antagonistic properties against other fungi and have been studied as possible biological control agents of plant pathogens. This group is mainly characterized by its genetic structure

For a review on the taxonomy of this order see Crous et al. 2009 .

This page deals only with species which are antagonistic to plant diseases, for other groups see:

The following genera and individual species of antagonists are currently entered under the order Capnodiales: