Burkholderia glumae

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Burkholderia glumae symptoms on rice (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Donald Groth, Louisiana State University AgCenter
Source: IPM Images

Burkholderia glumae (Kurita and Tabei 1967) Urakami et al. 1994 - (bacterial panicle blight)

This bacterium is widely distributed and infects a variety of crops. It is economically most important on rice, where it causes panicle blight, grain rot and seedling rot. Infections result in unfilled or aborted grains, reducing grain yield and quality. During outbreaks, yield losses of up to 50% can occur due to the disease (Shew et al., 2019).

Pseudomonas glumae

For a review of this bacterium see Ortega & Rojas (2021).

Vernacular names
• English: bacterial panicle blight
panicle blight of rice
grain rot of rice
seedling rot of rice
• Español: añublo bacterial de la panicula
• Français: flétrissement paniculaire