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Publications of Bo Li

Ecology Letters (2019) 22, 200-210
Pei Zhang, Bo Li, Jihua Wu and Shuijin Hu (2019)
Invasive plants differentially affect soil biota through litter and rhizosphere pathways: a meta-analysis

Journal of Pest Science (2019) 92, 823-833
Rui-Ting Ju, Ding Ma, Evan Siemann, Xiang Liu, Ji-Hua Wu and Bo Li (2019)
Invasive Spartina alterniflora exhibits increased resistance but decreased tolerance to a generalist insect in China

Invasive Plant Science and Management (2018) 11, 89-95
Long Tang, Bo Li, Bin Zhao, Peng Li, Zhanbin Li and Yang Gao (2018)
Invasive smooth cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora) eradication and native crab recovery

Ecology and Evolution (2018) 8, 59-70
Mu Liu, Fang Zhou, Xiaoyun Pan, Zhijie Zhang, Milton B. Traw and Bo Li (2018)
Specificity of herbivore-induced responses in an invasive species, Alternanthera philoxeroides (alligator weed)

Biological Invasions (2016) 18, 2229-2236
Rui-Ting Ju, Yang-Yun Chen, Lei Gao and Bo Li (2016)
The extended phenology of Spartina invasion alters a native herbivorous insect's abundance and diet in a Chinese salt marsh

Journal of Applied Entomology (2016) 140, 636-644
N.-F. Wan, J.-X. Jiang and B. Li (2016)
Effect of host plants on the infectivity of nucleopolyhedrovirus to Spodoptera exigua larvae

Biological Invasions (2016) 18, 2221-2227
Wade H. Elmer, Robert E. Marra, Hui Li and Bo Li (2016)
Incidence of Fusarium spp. on the invasive Spartina alterniflora on Chongming Island, Shanghai, China

Biological Invasions (2015) 17, 205-217
Huili Chen, Pei Zhang, Bo Li and Jihua Wu (2015)
Invasive cordgrass facilitates epifaunal communities in a Chinese marsh

Biological Invasions (2015) 17, 1327-1339
Lei Shang, Lei Qiu, Jingxin Huang and Bo Li (2015)
Invasion of Spartina alterniflora in China is greatly facilitated by increased growth and clonality: a comparative study of native and introduced populations

Oikos (2015) 124, 216-224
Qiang Yang, Bo Li and Evan Siemann (2015)
Positive and negative biotic interactions and invasive Triadica sebifera tolerance to salinity: a cross-continent comparative study

Biological Invasions (2013) 15, 2165-2177
Shi-Guo Sun, Benjamin R. Montgomery and Bo Li (2013)
Contrasting effects of plant invasion on pollination of two native species with similar morphologies

Journal of Pest Science (2011) 84, 33-39
Rui-Ting Ju, Feng Wang, Fang-Hao Wan and Bo Li (2011)
Effect of host plants on development and reproduction of Rhynchophorus ferrugineus (Olivier) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Biological Invasions (2011) 13, 1673-1686
Zhijun Ma, Xiaojing Gan, Yinting Cai, Jiakuan Chen and Bo Li (2011)
Effects of exotic Spartina alterniflora on the habitat patch associations of breeding saltmarsh birds at Chongming Dongtan in the Yangtze River estuary, China

Oecologia (2011) 165, 797-807
Rong Hao Peng, Chang Ming Fang, Bo Li and Jia Kuan Chen (2011)
Spartina alterniflora invasion increases soil inorganic nitrogen pools through interactions with tidal subsidies in the Yangtze Estuary, China

Biological Invasions (2010) 12, 593-601
Long Tang, Yang Gao, Chenghuan Wang, Jinqing Wang, Bo Li, Jiakuan Chen and Bin Zhao (2010)
How tidal regime and treatment timing influence the clipping frequency for controlling invasive Spartina alterniflora: implications for reducing management costs

Biological Invasions (2009) 11, 635-649
Yu-Tong Wu, Cheng-Huan Wang, Xiao-Dong Zhang, Bin Zhao, Li-Fen Jiang, Jia-Kuan Chen and Bo Li (2009)
Effects of saltmarsh invasion by Spartina alterniflora on arthropod community structure and diets

Biological Invasions (2009) 11, 743-752
Xin Jia, Xiao Y. Pan, Bo Li, Jia K. Chen and Xing Z. Yang (2009)
Allometric growth, disturbance regime, and dilemmas of controlling invasive plants: a model analysis

Oecologia (2008) 156, 589-600
Cheng Zhang Liao, Yi Qi Luo, Chang Ming Fang, Jia Kuan Chen and Bo Li (2008)
Litter pool sizes, decomposition, and nitrogen dynamics in Spartina alterniflora -invaded and native coastal marshlands of the Yangtze Estuary

Biological Invasions (2008) 10, 1411-1429
Ewald Weber, Shi-Guo Sun and Bo Li (2008)
Invasive alien plants in China: diversity and ecological insights

Weed Biology and Management (2007) 7, 97-104
Qian Jin Cao, Bo Li, Zhi Ping Song, Xing Xing Cai and Bao-Rong Lu (2007)
Impact of weedy rice populations on the growth and yield of direct-seeded and transplanted rice

Biological Invasions (2007) 9, 245-256
Yu-Peng Geng, Xiao-Yun Pan, Cheng-Yuan Xu, Wen-Ju Zhang, Bo Li, Jia-Kuan Chen, Bao-Rong Lu and Zhi-Ping Song (2007)
Phenotypic plasticity rather than locally adapted ecotypes allows the invasive alligator weed to colonize a wide range of habitats

Functional Plant Biology (2004) 31, 979-986
Liang Jin, Yongjian Gu, Ming Xiao, Jiakuan Chen and Bo Li (2004)
The history of Solidago canadensis invasion and the development of its mycorrhizal associations in newly-reclaimed land