Triadica sebifera (weed)

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Triadica sebifera (click on image to enlarge it)
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Triadica sebifera (weed) (L.) Small - (Chinese tallow tree)

The tree is native to eastern Asia and has been introduced into North America from China in the mid to late 1800s for agricultural purposes. It is now a serious ecological weed in southern North America which suppresses native vegetation and produce monocultures, particularly in wetland habitats, forests and abandoned farms.

The species is a medium-size tree which grows up to a height of about 15 m. It has heart-shaped leaves (about 6 x 8 cm) and yellowish flowers on hanging spikes (about 20-30 cm long). The plant grows fast and might produce flowers after about 3 years. The waxy seed cover is used for candles and soap in Asia.

Vernacular names
• Deutsch: chinesischer Talgbaum
• English: Chinese tallow tree
• Español: árbol del sebo
• Français: arbre à suif

Sapium sebiferum

For details see the EPPO datasheet (2019) and the respective page in BugwoodWiki.