Applied Entomology and Zoology (2006) 41, 365-370

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Andrew Kalyebi and Satoshi Nakamura (2006)
The biology of the parasitoid fly Drino inconspicuoides (Diptera: Tachinidae) in the host Mythimna separata (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)
Applied Entomology and Zoology 41 (2), 365-370
Abstract: The biology of the tachinid fly, Drino inconspicuoides, a gregarious ovolarviparous parasitoid of some lepidopteran pests, was studied in the laboratory at 25°C, 60-70% RH and a 16L : 8D photoperiod in the host Mythimna separata. The duration of mating averaged 79.4±9.2 min (mean±SE). After mating, the parasitoid had a pre-oviposition (gestation) period of 6.3±0.3 d. Females of D. inconspicuoides had a daily oviposition rate of 11.6 eggs and a mean fecundity of 163.6±13.4 eggs during a mean oviposition period of 14.8±1.3 d. Total lifetime fecundity per female varied from 57 to 271 eggs. The mean longevity of mated females provided with hosts, including the pre-oviposition period was 21.1±1.5 d. Mated female parasitoids deprived of hosts lived an average of 29.3±2.9 d, which was significantly longer than that of their un-deprived counterparts. Unmated males lived an average of 15.5±1.9 d. When one egg was laid per host, the larval period averaged 7.9±0.4 d for males and 8.3±0.3 d for females, and the puparial period averaged 10.5±0.2 d for males and 11.4±0.2 d for females. The mean total developmental period for males and females was 18.5±0.4 and 19.7±0.4 d, respectively.
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Hyphantria cunea Japan
Mythimna separata
Palexorista inconspicuoides (parasitoid) Hyphantria cunea Japan
Palexorista inconspicuoides (parasitoid) Mythimna separata