African cassava mosaic virus

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cassava leaves infected with the African cassava mosaic virus
Author(s): Marie E.C. Rey, Joseph Ndunguru, Leigh C. Berrie, Maria Paximadis, Shaun Berry, Nurbibi Cossa, Valter N. Nuaila, Kenneth G. Mabasa, Natasha Abraham, Edward P. Rybicki, Darren Martin, Gerhard Pietersen and Lindy L. Esterhuizen
Source: Viruses (2012) 4, p.1758

African cassava mosaic virus (ACMV)

The virus causes a serious disease of cassava in Africa and is one of the most common agents causing or contributing to the "cassava mosaic disease", a disease which can be also caused by various other related Begomoviruses. The symptoms range from mild mosaic to severe leaf curl, leaf distortion, chlorosis and stunting, depending on the cassava cultivar, the virus strain and the environmental conditions.

ACMV is transmitted by Bemisia tabaci and through planting material. The virus is related to the East African cassava mosaic virus (EACMV) and a combination of both viruses is found in Uganda, causing severe epidemics. Similar cassava viruses are found in southern Asia, see the Indian cassava mosaic virus and the Sri Lankan cassava mosaic virus.

For a review see Rey and Vanderschuren (2017).