Aceria guerreronis

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Aceria guerreronis damage on coconuts (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Tim Broschat, University of Florida

Aceria guerreronis Keifer, 1965 - (coconut mite)

The mite is widely distributed in tropical regions and attacks the developing coconut fruits causing malformations and sometimes premature nut fall. Yield losses of up to 60% have been estimated. It appears to be native to Asia and introduced in the Americas, where the damage seems to be most serious.

The mites live under the bracts of the developing nuts feeding on the nut surface. They are very small, only up to 250 µm long and up to 50 µm wide. They apparently disperse mainly by drifting through the air.

Vernacular names
• English: coconut mite
• Español: ácaro del cocotero
• Français: acarien du cocotier
• Português: ácaro-da-necrose-do-coqueiro

Eriophyes guerreronis