Tomicus minor

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Tomicus minor (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Maja Jurc, University of Ljubljana
Source: IPM Images

Tomicus minor (Hartig) - (lesser pine shoot beetle)

The adult beetle attacks the trunks and branches of live (especially stressed) pine trees (rarely spruce or larch) in Europe and Asia. It feeds under the bark, constructing bird-shaped galleries and causing mortality of the branches or trees. The adults feed on the young shoots and can also cause significant damage.

The adults are 3½ to 4½ mm long and there is one generation per year. It resembles closely Tomicus piniperda but is slightly smaller and has an additional row of setae on the apical part of the elytra. This is the 2nd row starting from the declivity, the line separating the 2 elytra (see below). In T. piniperda this row lacks setae near the tip of the elytra.

Vernacular names
• Deutsch: kleiner Waldgärtner
• English: lesser pine shoot beetle
• Français: hylésine mineur du pin