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Publications of Timo Kurkela (13 listed):

Forest Pathology (2012) 42, 348-350
J. Hantula, R. Nigel Stringer, A. Lilja and T. Kurkela (2012)
Alder rust, Melampsoridium hiratsukanum Ito, identified from Wales, UK and British Columbia, Canada

Mycologia (2009) 101, 622-631
J. Hantula, T. Kurkela, S. Hendry and T. Yamaguchi (2009)
Morphological measurements and ITS sequences show that the new alder rust in Europe is conspecific with Melampsoridium hiratsukanum in eastern Asia

Forestry Studies - Metsanduslikud Uurimused (2009) 50, 5-22
T. Kurkela, R. Drenkhan, M. Vuorinen and M. Hanso (2009)
Growth response of young Scots pines to needle loss assessed from productive foliage

Forest Pathology (2006) 36, 395-405
A. Uotila, T. Kurkela, T. Tuomivirta, J. Hantula and J. Kaitera (2006)
Gremmeniella abietina types cannot be distinguished using ascospore morphology

Canadian Journal of Forest Research - Revue Canadienne de Recherche Forestière (2005) 35, 432-439
A. Lilja, M. Poteri, M. Vuorinen, T. Kurkela and J. Hantula (2005)
Cultural and PCR-based identification of the two most common fungi from cankers on container-grown Norway spruce seedlings

Mycologia (2001) 93, 258-264
Laura Paavolainen, Timo Kurkela, Johanna Suhonen and Jarkko Hantula (2001)
The genetic population structure of Pyrenopeziza betulicola, the causative agent of birch leaf spot disease

Forestry Studies - Metsanduslikud Uurimused (2000) 34, 30-34
T. Kurkela (2000)
Transmission of Heterobasidion root rot to planted Scots pine and Siberian larch after clear cut of infected pine forest

Forestry Studies - Metsanduslikud Uurimused (2000) 34, 57-60
R.-L. Petäistö, T. Kurkela and J. Heinonen (2000)
Climatic factors and phases of Gremmeniella abietina conidial dispersal

European Journal of Forest Pathology (1998) 28, 349-360
H. Nuorteva, T. Kurkela and A. Lehto (1998)
Rapid living crown reduction caused by Gremmeniella abietina affects foliar nutrient concentrations of Scots pine

International Congress of Plant Pathology (1998) Kurkela et al. - Differences between ...
T. Kurkela, M. Hanso and J. Hantula (1998)
Differences between Melampsoridium rusts on birch and alder leaves
Edinburgh, U.K. (9 - 16 Aug. 1998), Poster presented in section: Population genetics, structure and dynamics

International Congress of Plant Pathology (1998) Paavolainen et al. - Relationship between ...
L. Paavolainen, J. Hantula, T. Kurkela and A.-M. Hallaksela (1998)
Relationship between Prosthemium betulinum and Pleomassaria siparia and the development of a specific primer
Edinburgh, U.K. (9 - 16 Aug. 1998), Poster presented in section: The status of molecular methods for pathogen detection, diagnosis and estimation in commercial detection technology

European Journal of Forest Pathology (1998) 28, 361-372
J. Hantula, E.M. Niemi, J. Kaitera, R. Jalkanen and T. Kurkela (1998)
Genetic variation of the resin top fungus in Finland as determined by random amplified microsatellites (RAMS)

European Journal of Forest Pathology (1995) 25, 274-281
T.T. Kurkela (1995)
Short-term variation in ascospore release by Phacidium infestans on the needles of Pinus sylvestris