Forestry Studies - Metsanduslikud Uurimused (2000) 34, 30-34

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T. Kurkela (2000)
Transmission of Heterobasidion root rot to planted Scots pine and Siberian larch after clear cut of infected pine forest
Forestry Studies - Metsanduslikud Uurimused 34, 30-34
Abstract: The effect of root rot infection in old stand on the survival of Scots pine and Siberian larch was studied. After the clear cut of the pine stand, pine and larch seedlings were planted in the area with two site treatments: i) stumps remaining and ii) stumps lifted. The average survival percentage was in pine plots 76 and in larch plots 67 when the planted trees were at the age of 21 years. Disease incidence in the previous stand decreased the survival of larches but had no clear effect on pines. Stump lifting did not affect either tree species.
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Heterobasidion annosum Pine (Pinus) Finland
Heterobasidion annosum Larch (Larix) Finland