Mycologia (2001) 93, 258-264

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Laura Paavolainen, Timo Kurkela, Johanna Suhonen and Jarkko Hantula (2001)
The genetic population structure of Pyrenopeziza betulicola, the causative agent of birch leaf spot disease
Mycologia 93 (2), 258-264
Abstract: Pyrenopeziza betulicola is a causative agent of leaf spot disease on birch. Within P. betulicola significant length variation (nine alleles) in 18S ribosomal genes was observed. The level of geographic differentiation among all locations was moderate but statistically significant, indicating that the spore dispersal of P. betulicola occurs mainly on a limited scale. Within one leaf, in situ analysis of a multiallelic molecular marker revealed genetically distinct individuals in different spots, indicating that multiple colonization by P. betulicola is a common occurrence on birch leaves. Within one spot only one allele was found showing that the separate necrotic spots are usually formed by only one viable spore. Technically, the application of a specific marker combined with DGGE turned out to be a powerful method to study genetic diversity of fungi in situ.
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Pyrenopeziza betulicola Birch (Betula)