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Sphenophorus venatus (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): David Shetlar, The Ohio State University
Source: IPM Images

Sphenophorus Schoenherr, 1838 - (billbugs)

This genus of weevils contains more than 100 species. It is well represented in temperate regions but also occurs in tropical and subtropical countries. Several species are considered agricultural pests on grasses and various other crops. For example, Sphenophorus venatus and S. parvulus are both pests of turf grass in North America. Other crops frequently attacked are maize/corn and sugarcane.

The adults are between 5-20 mm long and often greyish or black. Taxonomic characters include the structure of the antennae, other parts of the head, the tarsi and the scutellum.

For a review see Dupuy & Ramirez, 2016.

Currently, the following species have been entered into the system: