Pluripassalora bougainvilleae

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Pluripassalora bougainvilleae - A+B) symptoms, F) culture, C-E + G-K) conidiophores and conidia (click on image to enlarge it)
Authors: S.I.R. Videira, J.Z. Groenewald, C. Nakashima, U. Braun, R.W. Barreto, P.J.G.M. de Wit, and P.W. Crous
Source: Studies in Mycology (2017), vol. 87 p. 336
Bougainvillea leaf with symptoms of infection by Pluripassalora bougainvilleae (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Scot Nelson, Hawaii
Source: Flickr

Pluripassalora bougainvilleae (Munt.-Cvetk.) U. Braun, C. Nakash., Videira & Crous 2017

This fungus is widely distributed in tropical regions and causes a leaf spot disease on ornamental Bougainvillea. The plants can be seriously affected by the disease. The spots are circular, 2 to 7 mm in diameter, light brown with dark brown margins and often surrounded by a chlorotic halo. They are visible on both sides of the leaves and delimited by major leaf veins.

The conidia form singly and are pale brown, straight to slightly curved and club-shaped with 3-4 septa. The thicker end has a dark hilum and the total size is around 40-60 x 8-10 µm (Videira et al., 2017).

Cercospora bougainvilleae
Cercosporidium bougainvilleae
Passalora bougainvilleae