Phytoprotection (2011)

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Articles of Phytoprotection entered for 2011:

Phytoprotection (2011) 91, 3-10
Lai Wei, Allen G. Xue, Elroy R. Cober, Carolyn Babcock, Jinxiu Zhang, Shuzhen Zhang, Wenbin Li, Junjiang Wu and Lijun Liu (2011)
Pathogenicity of Pythium species causing seed rot and damping-off in soybean under controlled conditions
Phytoprotection 91,  p. 3

Phytoprotection (2011) 91, 11-14
Anne Légère, F. Craig Stevenson, Olivier Lalonde, Anne Vanasse and Diane Lyse Benoit (2011)
Stork's bill (Erodium cicutarium (L.) L'Her. ex Ait) and hemp-nettle (Galeopsis tetrahit L.): A cautionary note for eastern Canada field crops
Phytoprotection 91,  p. 11

Phytoprotection (2011) 91, 15-18
Xianzhou Nie, Marie-Andrée Giguère and Yvan Pelletier (2011)
The use of test tube plantlets for the assessment of Potato virus Y transmission by Myzus persicae and Aphis glycines
Phytoprotection 91,  p. 15

Phytoprotection (2011) 91, 19-21
Edgar Smerlis and Gaston Laflamme (2011)
Pathogenicity tests of Gremmeniella abietina var. balsamea isolated from balsam fir in Canada
Phytoprotection 91,  p. 19