Phytopathology (2021) 111, 611-616

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Ralf Koebnik, Daiva Burokiene, Claude Bragard, Christine Chang, Marion Fischer-Le Saux, Roland Kölliker, Jillian M. Lang, Jan E. Leach, Emily K. Luna, Perrine Portier, Angeliki Sagia, Janet Ziegle, Stephen P. Cohen and Jonathan M. Jacobs (2021)
The complete genome sequence of Xanthomonas theicola, the causal agent of canker on tea plants, reveals novel secretion systems in clade-1 Xanthomonads
Phytopathology 111 (4), 611-616
Abstract: Xanthomonas theicola is the causal agent of bacterial canker on tea plants. There is no complete genome sequence available for X. theicola, a close relative of the species X. translucens and X. hyacinthi, thus limiting basic research for this group of pathogens. Here, we release a high-quality complete genome sequence for the X. theicola type strain, CFBP 4691T. Single-molecule real-time sequencing with a mean coverage of 264× revealed two contigs of 4,744,641 bp (chromosome) and 40,955 bp (plasmid) in size. Genome mining revealed the presence of nonribosomal peptide synthases, two CRISPR systems, the Xps type 2 secretion system, and the Hrp type 3 secretion system. Surprisingly, this strain encodes an additional type 2 secretion system and a novel type 3 secretion system with enigmatic function, hitherto undescribed for xanthomonads. Four type 3 effector genes were found on complete or partial transposons, suggesting a role of transposons in effector gene evolution and spread. This genome sequence fills an important gap to better understand the biology and evolution of the early-branching xanthomonads, also known as clade-1 xanthomonads.
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