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Publications of Jan E. Leach (54 listed):

Plant Disease (2020) 104, 13-15
Verónica Roman-Reyna, Emily K. Luna, Céline Pesce, Taca Vancheva, Christine Chang, Janet Ziegle, Claude Bragard, Ralf Koebnik, Jillian M. Lang, Jan E. Leach and Jonathan M. Jacobs (2020)
Genome resource of barley bacterial blight and leaf streak pathogen Xanthomonas translucens pv. translucens strain UPB886

Phytopathology (2020) 110, 1161-1173
Alvaro L. Perez-Quintero, Mary Ortiz-Castro, Jillian M. Lang, Adrien Rieux, Guangxi Wu, Sanzhen Liu, Toni A. Chapman, Christine Chang, Janet Ziegle, Zhao Peng, Frank F. White, Maria Cristina Plazas, Jan E. Leach and Kirk Broders (2020)
Genomic acquisitions in emerging populations of Xanthomonas vasicola pv. vasculorum infecting corn in the United States and Argentina

Plant Disease (2020) 104, 1011-1012
Stephen P. Cohen, Emily K. Luna, Jillian M. Lang, Janet Ziegle, Christine Chang, Jan E. Leach, Marion Fischer Le-Saux, Perrine Portier, Ralf Koebnik and Jonathan M. Jacobs (2020)
High-quality genome resource of Xanthomonas hyacinthi generated via long-read sequencing

PLoS Genetics (2020) 16 (1 - e1008571)
Andrew C. Read, Matthew J. Moscou, Aleksey V. Zimin, Geo Pertea, Rachel S. Meyer, Michael D. Purugganan, Jan E. Leach, Lindsay R. Triplett, Steven L. Salzberg and Adam J. Bogdanove (2020)
Genome assembly and characterization of a complex zfBED-NLR gene-containing disease resistance locus in Carolina Gold Select rice with Nanopore sequencing

Phytopathology (2020) 110, 1124-1131
Mary Ortiz-Castro, Terra Hartman, Teresa Coutinho, Jillian M. Lang, Kevin Korus, Jan E. Leach, Tamra Jackson-Ziems and Kirk Broders (2020)
Current understanding of the history, global spread, ecology, evolution, and management of the corn bacterial leaf streak pathogen, Xanthomonas vasicola pv. vasculorum

Phytopathology (2020) 110, 1153-1160
David J. Studholme, Emmanuel Wicker, Sadik Muzemil Abrare, Andrew Aspin, Adam Bogdanove, Kirk Broders, Zoe Dubrow, Murray Grant, Jeffrey B. Jones, Georgina Karamura, Jillian Lang, Jan Leach, George Mahuku, Gloria Valentine Nakato, Teresa Coutinho, Julian Smith and Carolee T. Bull (2020)
Transfer of Xanthomonas campestris pv. arecae and X. campestris pv. musacearum to X. vasicola (Vauterin) as X. vasicola pv. arecae comb. nov. and X. vasicola pv. musacearum comb. nov. and description of X. vasicola pv. vasculorum pv. nov.

Plant Disease (2019) 103, 2893-2902
Shaista Karim, R. Ryan McNally, Afnan S. Nasaruddin, Alexis DeReeper, Ramil P. Mauleon, Amy O. Charkowski, Jan E. Leach, Asa Ben-Hur and Lindsay R. Triplett (2019)
Development of the automated primer design workflow uniqprimer and diagnostic primers for the broad-host-range plant pathogen Dickeya dianthicola

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2017) 30, 515-516
Richard Michelmore, Gitta Coaker, Rebecca Bart, Gwyn Beattie, Andrew Bent, Toby Bruce, Duncan Cameron, Jeffery Dangl, Savithramma Dinesh-Kumar, Rob Edwards, Sebastian Eves-van den Akker, Walter Gassmann, Jean T. Greenberg, Linda Hanley-Bowdoin, Richard J. Harrison, Jagger Harvey, Ping He, Alisa Huffaker, Scot Hulbert, Roger Innes, Jonathan D.G. Jones, Isgouhi Kaloshian, Sophien Kamoun, Fumiaki Katagiri, Jan Leach, Wenbo Ma, John McDowell, June Medford, Blake Meyers, Rebecca Nelson, Richard Oliver, Yiping Qi, Diane Saunders, Michael Shaw, Christine Smart, Prasanta Subudhi, Lesley Torrance, Bret Tyler, Barbara Valent and John Walsh (2017)
Foundational and translational research opportunities to improve plant health

Phytopathology (2017) 107, 1312-1321
J.M. Lang, E. DuCharme, J. Ibarra Caballero, E. Luna, T. Hartman, M. Ortiz-Castro, K. Korus, J. Rascoe, T.A. Jackson-Ziems, K. Broders and J.E. Leach (2017)
Detection and characterization of Xanthomonas vasicola pv. vasculorum (Cobb 1894) comb. nov. causing bacterial leaf streak of corn in the United States

Phytopathology (2017) 107, 519-527
Paul A. Langlois, Jacob Snelling, John P. Hamilton, Claude Bragard, Ralf Koebnik, Valérie Verdier, Lindsay R. Triplett, Jochen Blom, Ned A. Tisserat and Jan E. Leach (2017)
Characterization of the Xanthomonas translucens complex using draft genomes, comparative genomics, phylogenetic analysis, and diagnostic LAMP assays

PLoS ONE (2017) 12 (11 - e0187625)
Stephen P. Cohen, Hongxia Liu, Cristiana T. Argueso, Andy Pereira, Casiana Vera Cruz, Valerie Verdier and Jan E. Leach (2017)
RNA-Seq analysis reveals insight into enhanced rice Xa7-mediated bacterial blight resistance at high temperature

Plant Disease (2017) 101, p. 1030 (Korus et al.)
K. Korus, J.M. Lang, A.O. Adesemoye, C.C. Block, N. Pal, J.E. Leach and T.A. Jackson-Ziems (2017)
First report of Xanthomonas vasicola causing bacterial leaf streak on corn in the United States

New Phytologist (2017) 214, 1260-1266
Raimund Nagel, Paula C.G. Turrini, Ryan S. Nett, Jan E. Leach, Valérie Verdier, Marie-Anne Van Sluys and Reuben J. Peters (2017)
An operon for production of bioactive gibberellin A4 phytohormone with wide distribution in the bacterial rice leaf streak pathogen Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzicola

Phytopathology (2016) 106, 532-540
Kevin McCluskey, Anne Alvarez, Rick Bennett, Deepak Bokati, Kyria Boundy-Mills, Daniel Brown, Carolee T. Bull, Michael Coffey, Tyler Dreaden, Clifford Duke, Greg Dye, Erin Ehmke, Kellye Eversole, Kristi Fenstermacher, David Geiser, Jessie A. Glaeser, Stephanie Greene, Lisa Gribble, M. Patrick Griffith, Kathryn Hanser, Richard Humber, Barbara W. Johnson, Anthony Kermode, Micah Krichevsky, Matt Laudon, Jan Leach, John Leslie, Meghan May, Ulrich Melcher, David Nobles, Natalia Risso Fonseca, Sara Robinson, Matthew Ryan, James Scott, Carolyn Silflow, Anne Vidaver, Kimberly M. Webb, John E. Wertz, Sara Yentsch and Sarah Zehr (2016)
The U.S. culture collection network lays the foundation for progress in preservation of valuable microbial resources

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2016) 29, 46-56
Qing Liu, Jianyuan Yang, Shaohong Zhang, Junliang Zhao, Aiqing Feng, Tifeng Yang, Xiaofei Wang, Xinxue Mao, Jingfang Dong, Xiaoyuan Zhu, Hei Leung, Jan E. Leach and Bin Liu (2016)
OsGF14b positively regulates panicle blast resistance but negatively regulates leaf blast resistance in rice

The Plant Journal (2016) 87, 472-483
Lindsay R. Triplett, Stephen P. Cohen, Christopher Heffelfinger, Clarice L. Schmidt, Alejandra I. Huerta, Cheick Tekete, Valerie Verdier, Adam J. Bogdanove and Jan E. Leach (2016)
A resistance locus in the American heirloom rice variety Carolina Gold Select is triggered by TAL effectors with diverse predicted targets and is effective against African strains of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzicola

Plant Molecular Biology (2015) 87, 273-286
Bradley W. Tonnessen, Patricia Manosalva, Jillian M. Lang, Marietta Baraoidan, Alicia Bordeos, Ramil Mauleon, James Oard, Scot Hulbert, Hei Leung and Jan E. Leach (2015)
Rice phenylalanine ammonia-lyase gene OsPAL4 is associated with broad spectrum disease resistance

Plant Disease (2014) 98, 909-915
Gavin J. Ash, Jillian M. Lang, Lindsay R. Triplett, Benjamin J. Stodart, Valérie Verdier, Casiana Vera Cruz, Philippe Rott and Jan E. Leach (2014)
Development of a genomics-based LAMP (Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification) assay for detection of Pseudomonas fuscovaginae from rice

Annual Review of Phytopathology (2014) 52, 213-241
Wende Liu, Jinling Liu, Lindsay Triplett, Jan E. Leach and Guo-Liang Wang (2014)
Novel insights into rice innate immunity against bacterial and fungal pathogens

Phytopathology (2014) 104, 436-444
P.A. Fory, L. Triplett, C. Ballen, J.F. Abello, J. Duitama, M.G. Aricapa, G.A. Prado, F. Correa, J. Hamilton, J.E. Leach, J. Tohme and G.M. Mosquera (2014)
Comparative analysis of two emerging rice seed bacterial pathogens

Applied and Environmental Microbiology (2014) 80, 4519-4530
Jillian M. Lang, Paul Langlois, Marian Hanna R. Nguyen, Lindsay R. Triplett, Laura Purdie, Timothy A. Holton, Appolinaire Djikeng, Casiana M. Vera Cruz, Valérie Verdier and Jan E. Leach (2014)
Sensitive detection of Xanthomonas oryzae pathovars oryzae and oryzicola by loop-mediated isothermal amplification

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2014) 27, 913-922
Victoria A. Anderson, Scott D. Haley, Frank B. Peairs, Leon van Eck, Jan E. Leach and Nora L.V. Lapitan (2014)
Virus-induced gene silencing suggests (1,3;1,4)-ß-glucanase is a susceptibility factor in the compatible Russian wheat aphid–wheat interaction

Phytopathology (2014) 104, 520-531
I. Wonni, B. Cottyn, L. Detemmerman, S. Dao, L. Ouedraogo, S. Sarra, C. Tekete, S. Poussier, R. Corral, L. Triplett, O. Koita, R. Koebnik, J. Leach, B. Szurek, M. Maes and V. Verdier (2014)
Analysis of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzicola population in Mali and Burkina Faso reveals a high level of genetic and pathogenic diversity

Theoretical and Applied Genetics (2013) 126, 985-998
Yan Liu, Bin Liu, Xiaoyuan Zhu, Jianyuan Yang, Alicia Bordeos, Guoliang Wang, Jan E. Leach and Hei Leung (2013)
Fine-mapping and molecular marker development for Pi56(t), a NBS-LRR gene conferring broad-spectrum resistance to Magnaporthe oryzae in rice

Phytopathology (2012) 102, 948-956
Shuai Zhao, Lucie Poulin, Luis M. Rodriguez-R., Natalia Forero Serna, Shu-Yan Liu, Issa Wonni, Boris Szurek, Valérie Verdier, Jan E. Leach, Yong-Qiang He, Jia-Xun Feng and Ralf Koebnik (2012)
Development of a variable number of tandem repeats typing scheme for the bacterial rice pathogen Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzicola

New Phytologist (2012) 196, 1197-1207
Valérie Verdier, Lindsay R. Triplett, Aaron W. Hummel, Rene Corral, R. Andres Cernadas, Clarice L. Schmidt, Adam J. Bogdanove and Jan E. Leach (2012)
Transcription activator-like (TAL) effectors targeting OsSWEET genes enhance virulence on diverse rice (Oryza sativa) varieties when expressed individually in a TAL effector-deficient strain of Xanthomonas oryzae

Evolutionary Applications (2012) 5, 29-38
Todd A. Gaines, Sarah M. Ward, Bekir Bukun, Christopher Preston, Jan E. Leach and Philip Westra (2012)
Interspecific hybridization transfers a previously unknown glyphosate resistance mechanism in Amaranthus species

Applied and Environmental Microbiology (2011) 77, 3930-3937
L.R. Triplett, J.P. Hamilton, C.R. Buell, N.A. Tisserat, V. Verdier, F. Zink and J.E. Leach (2011)
Genomic analysis of Xanthomonas oryzae isolates from rice grown in the United States reveals substantial divergence from known X. oryzae pathovars

The Plant Journal (2011) 68, 777-787
Patricia M. Manosalva, Myron Bruce and Jan E. Leach (2011)
Rice 14-3-3 protein (GF14e) negatively affects cell death and disease resistance

New Phytologist (2010) 185, 568-576
K.M. Webb, I. Oña, J. Bai, K.A. Garrett, T. Mew, C.M. Vera Cruz and J.E. Leach (2010)
A benefit of high temperature: increased effectiveness of a rice bacterial blight disease resistance gene

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2010) 128, 399-407
Kimberly M. Webb, Epifania Garcia, Casiana M. Vera Cruz and Jan E. Leach (2010)
Influence of rice development on the function of bacterial blight resistance genes

Plant Disease (2010) 94, 311-319
Jillian M. Lang, John P. Hamilton, Maria Genaleen Q. Diaz, Marie Anne Van Sluys, Ma. Ruby G. Burgos, Casiana M. Vera Cruz, C. Robin Buell, Ned A. Tisserat and Jan E. Leach (2010)
Genomics-based diagnostic marker development for Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae and X. oryzae pv. oryzicola

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2006) 19, 342-349
Takashi Fujikawa, Hiromichi Ishihara, Jan E. Leach and Shinji Tsuyumu (2006)
Suppression of defense response in plants by the avrBs3/pthA gene family of Xanthomonas spp.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2005) 102, 15383-15388
Bingyu Zhao, Xinghua Lin, Jesse Poland, Harold Trick, Jan Leach and Scot Hulbert (2005)
A maize resistance gene functions against bacterial streak disease in rice

Theoretical and Applied Genetics (2004) 109, 71-79
B.Y. Zhao, E. Ardales, E. Brasset, L.E. Claflin, J.E. Leach and S.H. Hulbert (2004)
The Rxo1/Rba1 locus of maize controls resistance reactions to pathogenic and non-host bacteria

Theoretical and Applied Genetics (2004) 108, 1024-1032
J.-L. Wu, P.K. Sinha, M. Variar, K.-L. Zheng, J.E. Leach, B. Courtois and H. Leung (2004)
Association between molecular markers and blast resistance in an advanced backcross population of rice

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2004) 17, 771-779
Bingyu Zhao, Edna Y. Ardales, Asuncion Raymundo, Jianfa Bai, Harold N. Trick, Jan E. Leach and Scot H. Hulbert (2004)
The avrRxo1 gene from the rice pathogen Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzicola confers a nonhost defense reaction on maize with resistance gene Rxo1

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2004) 17, 1146-1152
Bin Liu, Shaohong Zhang, Xiaoyuan Zhu, Qiyun Yang, Shangzhong Wu, Mantong Mei, Ramil Mauleon, Jan Leach, Tom Mew and Hei Leung (2004)
Candidate defense genes as predictors of quantitative blast resistance in rice

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2003) 16, 14-24
J. Ramalingam, C.M. Vera Cruz, K. Kukreja, J.M. Chittoor, J.-L. Wu, S.W. Lee, M. Baraoidan, M.L. George, M.B. Cohen, S.H. Hulbert, J.E. Leach and H. Leung (2003)
Candidate defense genes from rice, barley, and maize and their association with qualitative and quantitative resistance in rice

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2001) 14, 1411-1419
Emmanuel Hilaire, Scott A. Young, Lloyd H. Willard, J. David McGee, Teresa Sweat, J.M. Chittoor, James A. Guikema and Jan E. Leach (2001)
Vascular defense responses in rice: peroxidase accumulation in xylem parenchyma cells and xylem wall thickening

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2000) 97, 13500-13505
Casiana M. Vera Cruz, Jianfa Bai, Isabelita Oña, Hei Leung, Rebecca J. Nelson, Twng-Wah Mew and Jan E. Leach (2000)
Predicting durability of a disease resistance gene based on an assessment of the fitness loss and epidemiological consequences of avirulence gene mutation

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2000) 13, 1322-1329
J. Bai, S.-H. Choi, G. Ponciano, H. Leung and J.E. Leach (2000)
Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae avirulence genes contribute differently and specifically to pathogen aggressiveness

Plant Disease (1999) 83, 434-440
A.K. Raymundo, A.M. Briones Jr., E.Y. Ardales, M.T. Perez, L.C. Fernandez, J.E. Leach, T.W. Mew, M.A. Ynalvez, C.G. McLaren and R.J. Nelson (1999)
Analysis of DNA polymorphism and virulence in Philippine strains of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzicola

Phytopathology (1999) 89, 687-694
T.B. Adhikari, T.W. Mew and J.E. Leach (1999)
Genotypic and pathotypic diversity in Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae in Nepal

Applied and Environmental Microbiology (1998) 64, 1663-1668
Seong Ho Choi, Casiana M. Vera Cruz and Jan E. Leach (1998)
Distribution of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae DNA modification systems in Asia

Plant Disease (1998) 82, 1337-1340
I. Oña, C.M. Vera Cruz, Rebecca J. Nelson, Jan E. Leach and T.W. Mew (1998)
Epidemic development of bacterial blight on rice carrying resistance genes Xa-4, Xa-7, and Xa-10

International Congress of Plant Pathology (1998) Leach et al. - Predicting durable resistance ...
J.E. Leach, C.M. Vera Cruz, I. Ona, S.H. Choi, R.J. Nelson, T.W. Mew and H. Leung (1998)
Predicting durable resistance based on cost of pathogen adaptation
Edinburgh, U.K. (9 - 16 Aug. 1998), Paper presented in section: Agenda 21, sustainability and environment: strategies for plant pathology

Applied and Environmental Microbiology (1997) 63, 246-253
L. Gagnevin, J.E. Leach and O. Pruvost (1997)
Genomic variability of the Xanthomonas pathovar mangiferaeindicae, agent of mango bacterial black spot

Phytopathology (1997) 87, 302-309
M.L.C. George, M. Bustamam, W.T. Cruz, J.E. Leach and R.J. Nelson (1997)
Movement of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae in southeast Asia detected using PCR-based DNA fingerprinting

Phytopathology (1996) 86, S79-S80
Tika Adhikari and J.E. Leach (1996)
Insertion element sequences and the polymerase chain reaction to fingerprint the genomes of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae in Nepal

Phytopathology (1996) 86, p. S78 (Vera Cruz et al.)
C.M. Vera Cruz, R. Nelson, T.W. Mew, H. Leung and J.E. Leach (1996)
Effect of host genotype on the population structure of the rice bacterial blight pathogen

Applied and Environmental Microbiology (1995) 61, 966-971
T.B. Adhikari, C.M.V. Cruz, Q. Zhang, R.J. Nelson, D.Z. Skinner, T.W. Mew and J.E. Leach (1995)
Genetic diversity of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae in Asia

Integrated Pest Management Reviews (1995) 1, 91-95
Tika Adhikari, Jan Leach and T.W. Mew (1995)
Bacterial blight of rice and its control in Nepal

Applied and Environmental Microbiology (1994) 60, 3275-3283
Rebecca J. Nelson, Marietta R. Baraoidan, Casiana M. Vera Cruz, Immanuel V. Yap, Jan E. Leach, Twng W. Mew and Hei Leung (1994)
Relationship between phylogeny and pathotype for the bacterial blight pathogen of rice