Phytopathologia Mediterranea (2015) 54, 516-523

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Mari Carmen Cañizares, Encarnación Pérez-Artés, Nicolás Emilio García-Pedrajas and María Dolores García-Pedrajas (2015)
Characterization of a new partitivirus strain in Verticillium dahliae provides further evidence of the spread of the highly virulent defoliating pathotype through new introductions
Phytopathologia Mediterranea 54 (3), 516-523
Abstract: The soilborne pathogen Verticillium dahliae, causal agent of Verticillium wilt, has a worldwide distribution and many hosts of agronomic value. The worldwide spread of a highly virulent defoliating (D) pathotype has greatly increased the threat posed by V. dahliae in olive trees. For effective disease management, it is important to know if the D pathotype is spreading long distances from contaminated material, or if D pathotype isolates may have originated locally from native V. dahliae populations several times. We identified a double-stranded RNA mycovirus in an olive D pathotype isolate from Turkey. Sequencing and phylogenetic analysis clustered the virus with members of the family Partitiviridae. The virus was most similar to a partitivirus previously identified in a V. dahliae isolate from cotton in China (VdPV1), with sequence identities of 94% and 91% at the nucleotide level for RNA1 and RNA2, respectively. The virus therefore corresponded to a strain of the established species, and we designated it VdPV1-ol (VdPV1 from olive). The identification of the same viral species in these two fungal isolates from geographically distant origins provides evidence of their relationships, supporting the hypothesis of longdistance movement of V. dahliae isolates.
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Verticillium dahliae Olive (Olea europaea) Turkey
Verticillium mycoviruses (antagonists) Verticillium dahliae Olive (Olea europaea) Turkey