Pentalonia nigronervosa

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Pentalonia nigronervosa infestation on banana leaf (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Scot Nelson
Source: Flickr

Pentalonia nigronervosa Coquerel, 1859 - (banana aphid)

This aphid infests bananas in many parts of the world. It was originally described from the Reunion Island, but probably originates from the south-east Asian and Pacific regions. It can reach high densities on banana plants, but is more important as a vector of the destructive banana bunchy top disease.

P. nigronervosa has been also reported from various other plants belonging to families like Zingiberaceae or Araceae. However, morphological and molecular studies by Foottit et al. (2010) in the Pacific showed that P. nigronervosa has only bananas as host plant and that aphids from other plants belong to the closely related Pentalonia caladii.

Vernacular names
• English: banana aphid
cardamom aphid
• Español: pulgón negro del plátano
• Français: puceron noir du bananier
• Português: pulgão-da-bananeira