Pedilanthus leaf curl virus

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petunia plants - left healthy, right infected with the Pedilanthus leaf curl virus (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Sara Shakir, Muhammad Shah Nawaz-ul-Rehman, Muhammad Mubin and Zulfiqar Ali
Source: Virology Journal (2018), 15 (134), p. 2

Pedilanthus leaf curl virus (PedLCV)

This virus was first described as infecting Pedilanthus tithymaloides in Pakistan (Tahir et al., 2009). It has since been reported from other crops and has been associated with leaf curl, yellow mottling and enation symptoms. Among others, it infects soybeans and radish.

The genome of PedLCV consists of a single stranded DNA molecule with ~2.8 kb and 6 genes involved in virus replication (AC1, AC3), transcription (AC2), pathogenicity (AC4), and movement (AV1 and AV2).