Nesidiocoris tenuis (predator)

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Nesidiocoris tenuis (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Güney Baloğlu
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Nesidiocoris tenuis (predator) (Reuter, 1895) - (green tobacco capsid)

The mirid is a zoophytophagous bug, found in the Mediterranean and other regions on solanaceous plants. It attacks various types of insects but may also feed on crops, see the pest page for Nesidiocoris tenuis. It is commercially produced and is being used for the biological control of small lepidopterans, whiteflies, thrips, aphids, leafminers and spider mites, mainly on greenhouse tomatoes. The broad host range is an advantage for using the bug, however, not all pest species are preferred equally.

In addition, the bug can also cause plant damage if no prey is available, e.g. necrotic brown rings around tomato stems and shoots due to repeated feeding at the same site. Good control has been achieved against Tuta absoluta and Bemisia tabaci or a combination of both. About 1 bug per 1-2 m2 is the recommended release rate.

Vernacular names
• Deutsch: grüne Tabakwanze
• English: green tobacco capsid
• Français: capside du tabac

The bug lays eggs singly into the stems and petioles of the crop. The development from egg, through 5 nymphal stages, to adult lasts around 1 month but is temperature dependent. Development is slow and may not be completed if no prey is available and it feeds soley on the plant.