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Publications of Meixue Zhou (15 listed):

Plant Pathology (2020) 69, 601-617
Yichen Kang, Meixue Zhou, Angela Merry and Karen Barry (2020)
Mechanisms of powdery mildew resistance of wheat – a review of molecular breeding

Crop and Pasture Science (2019) 70, 16-25
Shormin Choudhury, Philip Larkin, Holger Meinke, M.D. Hasanuzzaman, Peter Johnson and Meixue Zhou (2019)
Barley yellow dwarf virus infection affects physiology, morphology, grain yield and flour pasting properties of wheat

Theoretical and Applied Genetics (2019) 132, 217-225
Yunfeng Jiang, Ahsan Habib, Zhi Zheng, Meixue Zhou, Yuming Wei, You-Liang Zheng and Chunji Liu (2019)
Development of tightly linked markers and identification of candidate genes for Fusarium crown rot resistance in barley by exploiting a near-isogenic line-derived population

Plant Disease (2019) 103, 2798-2803
S. Choudhury, H. Hu, Y. Fan, P. Larkin, M. Hayden, K. Forrest, C. Birchall, H. Meinke, R. Xu, J. Zhu and M. Zhou (2019)
Identification of new QTL contributing to Barley yellow dwarf virus-PAV (BYDV-PAV) resistance in wheat

Euphytica (2017) 213 (8 - 168)
Shormin Choudhury, Hongliang Hu, Holger Meinke, Sergey Shabala, Guy Westmore, Philip Larkin and Meixue Zhou (2017)
Barley yellow dwarf viruses: infection mechanisms and breeding strategies

Molecular Breeding (2017) 37 (107) - Enhancing Fusarium crown rot ...
Zhi Zheng, Shang Gao, Meixue Zhou, Guijun Yan and Chunji Liu (2017)
Enhancing Fusarium crown rot resistance by pyramiding large-effect QTL in common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Theoretical and Applied Genetics (2015) 128, 187-197
Lida Derevnina, Meixue Zhou, Davinder Singh, Colin R. Wellings and Robert F. Park (2015)
The genetic basis of resistance to barley grass yellow rust (Puccinia striiformis f. sp. pseudo-hordei) in Australian barley cultivars

Plant Breeding (2015) 134, 62-69
Davinder Singh, Peter Dracatos, Lida Derevnina, Meixue Zhou and Robert F. Park (2015)
Rph23: A new designated additive adult plant resistance gene to leaf rust in barley on chromosome 7H

Molecular Breeding (2015) 35 (26) - Enhancing Fusarium crown rot ...
Guangdeng Chen, Ahsan Habib, Yuming Wei, You-Liang Zheng, Sergey Shabala, Meixue Zhou and Chunji Liu (2015)
Enhancing Fusarium crown rot resistance by pyramiding large-effect QTL in barley

Theoretical and Applied Genetics (2013) 126, 2511-2520
G.D. Chen, Y.X. Liu, Y.M. Wei, C.L. McIntyre, M.X. Zhou, Y.-L. Zheng and C.J. Liu (2013)
Major QTL for Fusarium crown rot resistance in a barley landrace

Plant Breeding (2012) 131, 728-732
Yaxi Liu, You-Liang Zheng, Yuming Wei, Meixue Zhou and Chunji Liu (2012)
Genotypic differences to crown rot caused by Fusarium pseudograminearum in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

Journal of Phytopathology (2012) 160, 412-417
Yaxi Liu, Jun Ma, Wei Yan, Guijun Yan, Meixue Zhou, Yuming Wei, Youliang Zheng and Chunji Liu (2012)
Different tolerance in bread wheat, durum wheat and barley to Fusarium crown rot disease caused by Fusarium pseudograminearum

Molecular Breeding (2011) 27, 479-490
H.B. Li and M.X. Zhou (2011)
Quantitative trait loci controlling barley powdery mildew and scald resistances in two different barley doubled haploid populations

Czech Journal of Genetics and Plant-Breeding (2011) 47, S109-S114
C.J. Liu, J. Ma, H.B. Li, Y.X. Liu, G.R. Liu, S.M. Wen, M.X. Zhou, G.J. Yan and S. Chakraborty (2011)
The homoeologous regions on long arms of group 3 chromosomes in wheat and barley harbour major crown rot resistance loci

Theoretical and Applied Genetics (2009) 118, 903-910
H.B. Li, M.X. Zhou and C.J. Liu (2009)
A major QTL conferring crown rot resistance in barley and its association with plant height