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Publications of Matthew W. Carroll (3 listed):

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2020) 117, 18385-18392
Yves Carrière, Zachary Brown, Serkan Aglasan, Pierre Dutilleul, Matthew Carroll, Graham Head, Bruce E. Tabashnik, Peter Søgaard Jørgensen and Scott P. Carroll (2020)
Crop rotation mitigates impacts of corn rootworm resistance to transgenic Bt corn

Pest Management Science (2017) 73, 1883-1899
Graham P. Head, Matthew W. Carroll, Sean P. Evans, Dwain M. Rule, Alan R. Willse, Thomas L. Clark, Nicholas P. Storer, Ronald D. Flannagan, Luke W. Samuel and Lance J. Meinke (2017)
Evaluation of SmartStax and SmartStax PRO maize against western corn rootworm and northern corn rootworm: efficacy and resistance management

Journal of Economic Entomology (2008) 101, 1614-1623
Matthew W. Carroll, John A. Glaser, Richard L. Hellmich, Thomas E. Hunt, Thomas W. Sappington, Dennis Calvin, Ken Copenhaver and John Fridgen (2008)
Use of spectral vegetation indices derived from airborne hyperspectral imagery for detection of European corn borer infestation in Iowa corn plots