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Publications of Martin Drucker (13 listed):

Journal of Virology (2019) 93 (9 - e01822-18)
Edwige Berthelot, Marie Ducousso, Jean-Luc Macia, Florent Bogaert, Volker Baecker, Gaël Thébaud, Romain Gallet, Michel Yvon, Stéphane Blanc, Mounia Khelifa and Martin Drucker (2019)
Turnip mosaic virus is a second example of a virus using transmission activation for plant-to-plant propagation by aphids

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2017) 114, E2026-E2035
Anders Hafrén, Jean-Luc Macia, Andrew J. Love, Joel J. Milner, Martin Drucker and Daniel Hofius (2017)
Selective autophagy limits Cauliflower mosaic virus infection by NBR1-mediated targeting of viral capsid protein and particles

Insect Science (2017) 24, 929-946
Beatriz Dáder, Christiane Then, Edwige Berthelot, Marie Ducousso, James C.K. Ng and Martin Drucker (2017)
Insect transmission of plant viruses: Multilayered interactions optimize viral propagation

Insect Science (2017) 24, 1079-1092
Jaclyn S. Zhou, Angel Y.S. Chen, Martin Drucker, Nicole H. Lopez, Alyssa Carpenter and James C.K. Ng (2017)
Whitefly feeding behavior and retention of a foregut-borne crinivirus exposed to artificial diets with different pH values

Annual Review of Phytopathology (2014) 52, 403-425
Stéphane Blanc, Martin Drucker and Marilyne Uzest (2014)
Localizing viruses in their insect vectors

Journal of Virology (2013) 87, 12207-12215
Aurélie Bak, Daniel Gargani, Jean-Luc Macia, Enrick Malouvet, Marie-Stéphanie Vernerey, Stéphane Blanc and Martin Drucker (2013)
Virus factories of Cauliflower mosaic virus are virion reservoirs that engage actively in vector transmission

Journal of Virology (2010) 84, 4706-4713
François Hoh, Marilyne Uzest, Martin Drucker, Célia Plisson-Chastang, Patrick Bron, Stéphane Blanc and Christian Dumas (2010)
Structural insights into the molecular mechanisms of Cauliflower mosaic virus transmission by its insect vector

The Plant Journal (2009) 58, 135-146
Alexandre Martinière, Daniel Gargani, Marilyne Uzest, Nicole Lautredou, Stéphane Blanc and Martin Drucker (2009)
A role for plant microtubules in the formation of transmission-specific inclusion bodies of Cauliflower mosaic virus

Journal of General Virology (2007) 88, 2872-2880
Mounia Khelifa, Sandra Journou, Kalpana Krishnan, Daniel Gargani, Pascal Espérandieu, Stéphane Blanc and Martin Drucker (2007)
Electron-lucent inclusion bodies are structures specialized for aphid transmission of Cauliflower mosaic virus

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2007) 104, 17959-17964
Marilyne Uzest, Daniel Gargani, Martin Drucker, Eugénie Hébrard, Elisa Garzo, Thierry Candresse, Alberto Fereres and Stéphane Blanc (2007)
A protein key to plant virus transmission at the tip of the insect vector stylet

Journal of General Virology (2005) 86, 2595-2603
Lionel Ballut, Martin Drucker, Martine Pugnière, Florence Cambon, Stéphane Blanc, Françoise Roquet, Thierry Candresse, Hans-Peter Schmid, Paul Nicolas, Olivier Le Gall and Saloua Badaoui (2005)
HcPro, a multifunctional protein encoded by a plant RNA virus, targets the 20S proteasome and affects its enzymic activities

Journal of General Virology (2004) 85, 2719-2726
Rémy Froissart, Maryline Uzest, Virginia Ruiz-Ferrer, Martin Drucker, Eugénie Hébrard, Thomas Hohn and Stéphane Blanc (2004)
Splicing of Cauliflower mosaic virus 35S RNA serves to downregulate a toxic gene product

Journal of General Virology (2002) 83, 3163-3171
Itziar Palacios, Martin Drucker, Stéphane Blanc, Silvia Leite, Aranzazu Moreno and Alberto Fereres (2002)
Cauliflower mosaic virus is preferentially acquired from the phloem by its aphid vectors